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Request - Tina Gaita

Sep 26, 2014 - permalink
Hello everybody !

As my last opened thread was deleted, because of concrete asking for special material of paysites, I will try to express my question more general.
Since I discovered Tina Gaita and one arm wrestling video with her against Angelica Chamicki on 'youtube', I'm looking for more picture - and video material with her !
I know that there exist a lot more of both and would like to know someone who can order it for me or has another possibility to get it without trouble.
I don't own an international credit card - so maybe, hopefully you can answer here, if you have any idea ...

Thanks so much !

Sep 04, 2016 - permalink
OMG !!!
Today I found 45 ( ! ) new pictures of 4 of the 11 'herbiceps' - picture sets of Tina Gaita !!!
"Only" 7 picture sets left ;-) - if someone has a possibilty to order them legally from 'herbiceps.com', including the 63 clips they also offer ...
Please let me know !
Thanks so much.
Sep 24, 2016 - permalink
I have some videos but they are low quality from back when.
Jul 28, 2019 - permalink
Unfortunately 'phillthedrill' didn't react anymore since September 2016 ... :-(
I tried to reach him twice, via personal message in October 2016 and October 2017 ... without any answer !

Very recently, 'herbiceps' was re - designed into 'herbiceps +', and - the worst message for myself - they abolished their highly frequented forum, where I read and posted a lot and had a lot of written contacts
- to change pictures, videos, stories and links  :( :-[ >:(

The new 'herbiceps +' - homepage unfortunately doesn't list their former models anymore,
so hopefully I will finally find someone here, who at that time downloaded and saved all that picture sets and videos with
TINA GAITA and her opponent Angelica Chamicki
from back then, at that good old times !

I would have over 32 GB of material in change
- biceps flexing - and - measuring pictures,
- hand size measuring and - comparison pictures and - videos
and of course
- arm wrestling with one or between two young lady / -ies
IN ...
- over 1730 videos, in which one or two young lady ( -ies ) do exactly one or more of all that named, so fascinating content !!!

Please don't wait any longer, to let me know, if someone out here saved all that "good old" 'herbiceps' - content, I'm looking for, for that a long time and
don't wait to offer me a deal and possibility to get it in change !!!

Hoping so much, I finally have luck enough to get in contact with just the right fan !
And 'philthedrill', if you read that, please don't wait to finally contact me at 'druffianer@web.de' !!!

Thx so much !!!

From germany.


Jul 23, 2020 - permalink
Just to cap off the thread. The hallmark product we all came to know as "Herbiceps.com" has been destroyed. Most of the old material has been scrapped including the main method for the members to interact with each other and contact admin, the forums were discarded out of hand.  Good luck finding any of the older quality work that was their standard.
Jul 24, 2020 - permalink
Yes, thanks so much for your reply 'jester105' !
Also for me myself, until these days, it's very very hard to handle regularly to weekly, maybe even daily, with that disappeared, lost, good old 'herbiceps.com' - website,
as well as that deleted forum, that was that big possibility to discuss with all us fans, about finds from TV broadcast and the internet - in english or ( for me myself ) even separate in german language !
'Carelessly discarded' are really the right words for that so much missing entertainment !

Thanks so much for your good wishes to get my looked for old quality picture sets and - videos !
I still wait to get an answer of 'philthedrill' or also everyone else, who saved all the picture sets and videos with TINA GAITA and her opponent Angelica Chamicki !

Please don't let me wait - and don't disappoint me all too much longer !!!

Jul 26, 2020 - permalink
Michael: sorry to disappoint you, but the Tina Gaita material was in the early days of the Her Biceps web site, as in the 2003-2005 time period. Then, I did not have a computer that had the bandwidth to do a lot of downloading. I did strictly e-mail and some amounts of web surfing.

As Jester points out, the new site finally came on line a year ago. Some older material is being worked into the Her Biceps Plus site, but I've seen nothing prior to around 2014 so far. The site owners answered your type of question after the new site came on line (there are a number of podcasts you can listen to). Quality of the older material was so primitive that they didn't think it was worth the time to try and upgrade most of it.

Of course, the big question is this: instead of posting here on the GwM forum, why don't you contact the Her Biceps Plus web site owners to get a direct answer.   RR
Nov 11, 2020 - permalink
A little bit off - topic, as the content I'm also looking for, isn't with early starlet Tina Gaita, where it unfortunately doesn't seem to get any success to ...

But - anyone out here, who owns the video from my screenshots with tall blonde Sierra ???
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any possibility to get her family name or some body stats ( age / date of birth, height, weight, ... )  :( >:(
Any more pictures and - videos with her -
flexing - and tape measuring her both ( unflexed - & flexed ) biceps' ( circumfences ) and on top more arm wrestling ???

Any positive reaction and finally success to any of my requests - then, please don't wait to let me know, all too long !!!

Thx so much !

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