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Fellow femuscle fans - does such a video exist out there and where?

May 07, 2012 - permalink
Hi guys, my name is Dave and I have been a massive fan of massive women since 2002 when i first got access to the internet. The women i have seen over the years have blown me away!!

I have an idea of a video which would be like a dream to me and i am writing today to enquire whether anyone knows if such a video exists and if so, where it can be found. With the vastness of the world wide web it seems likely that a video does exist but if it does, i have never seen it. Here we go.

For those familiar with the sexual term 'cuckolding', the video is in this genre. Cuckolding is a fetish whereby, traditionally, a man gets verbally insulted by a woman for not being enough of a man to satisfy her, whilst a more well built alpha male type man has sex with the man's gf/partner right in front of him. All the while, the man being the spectator gets insulted and belittled for his lack of manhood and weakness. It's like verbal emasculation.

Now, I am looking for a video out there where this happens but instead there are two women and the inferior man. The superior woman in this set up would be muscular (definitely moreso than the guy) and the man's gf would enjoy making out with her and going further with this amazon in front of her man, all the while both insulting him for not being as muscular or as strong as the amazonian woman here.

This kind of video would be like a dream come true. Can anyone assist?


Sep 05, 2020 - permalink
Interesting idea, would like to see such video.
Sep 07, 2020 - permalink
Check out Premier Productions, also known as toughgirl dot com. It's an old site, but probably has clips of what you're looking for.
Jan 10, 2021 - permalink

gunshowzzz1 -

Try awefilms dot com. Go to section what's new and look down to lower right of screen to browse by name to see individual models. I think Brandi Mae Akers did some clips like this. Brandi and Yvette Bova did clips like this on that site, I believe they are called Wall Crush part 1 and 2. I believe model Rapture may have clips like that there, also.

At herbiceps dot com, look at top part of menu, click VOD STORE, and on next screen there is a search box. Search for emasculate and you will see a number of videos related to that term.

Sites such as scissorvixens dot com may also have that type of material, you'd have to look at preview clips/pics to find that out.

I'd send an email to each site admin and describe what you are looking for, they may give you info on specific clips.

Sites such as

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