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Jun 13, 2011 - permalink
Hi all,
Firstly, what a great site. I've been looking for sometime pictures of FBB's before they started lifting of when they were skinny/fat. Does anyone know any resources or have any photographs of FBB's before they started lifting? I have a few and I'll post a few photographs once I get them all sorted. I'm fascinated by the transformations people have made and what brought them into the sport to begin with. If anyone has any photo's I'd love to see them, all the best everyone and have a great day.
(if this is a breach of conventions or the wrong spot please let me know)
Kind regards, Ted

Jun 13, 2011 - permalink
Heres an amazing transformation of the IFBB Pro Emery Miller. She is and amazing athlete and the progress she has made is completely inspiring. This is my first post with pictures so if its not done this way let me know :)


After her amazing transformation:

Cheers everyone.
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