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Swankyville and Premier Production Videos.

Jul 01, 2018 - permalink
First, go to swankyville dot com. This will default to premierproductionvideos dot com. This is an extensive website. There are many videos here

featuring bodybuilders wrestling such as Kris Luebke, Dayana Cadeau, Suzan Kaminga and many more. They also have some of the Tom Jackson videos

with performers such as the gorgeous Janice Ragain, and Denise Rutkowski taking on guys in multiple arm wrestling matches. There are also striptease

videos available of non-bodybuilders, these are more traditional female models. These seem to be mostly solo posing featuring legs, breasts etc. One has Jenna Jameson. 

An example is PP197DVD The Ultimate Private Session with Annie Rivieccio. Annie wrestles a guy using scissors and headlocks and works up a sheen of sweat as she does so.

Annie is at her peak here, as she is huge, cut, beautiful and topless. The hapless male gets to feel her muscles as she manhandles him.

The videos are available as download or DVD. Note that videos are listed twice, one for each option. I have ordered DVDs from them before, and service has always been prompt.

It seems that the majority of videos for sale are standard definition. The video quality is very good, but definitely not HD standard. Would guess most of these videos

were made before HD quality equipment was readily available.

I have no affiliation with Swankyville other than past video orders. It is easy to spend an hour or two browsing through all that is on offer.

As you click around the site you'll likely see many old school beauties you've not thought about in a while.

Wanted to post this as did not see a review for Swankyville on GWM.
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