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Musclesensuality.com has pretty much gone to shit

Apr 26, 2014 - permalink
I join a number of sites once every few years for a month on a rotating basis.  I grab all the updates and then disappear again and come back later.   That's the best way to get it all in the cheapest way I find.  I like to at least do some small part to keep the business alive, but only to a point. 

Sometime between the last time I joined and this time, the management overhauled the site and cheapened it considerably.  I think what they did was split the former MS into now two separate sites and split the content in half or worse as well.  There used to be many full, large photo galleries there.  Most have been replaced by small 10 image galleries and many of the old ones are gone completely, probably now on the other site.  It seems what they're doing now, is dolling out the old photos 10 at a time and calling them weekly updates, when in fact they are not updates at all, the old MS had them all already on the site. I was pretty disgusted with the whole thing. 

2 years ago I would have said yes, for the monthly fee it was worth the money to join for 30 days.  There is no way I could recommend Muscle Sensuality now.  You may have heard good things about the site in the past, that's all gone now.  Save your money.

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