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Mar 08, 2010 - permalink
I signed up for a month's membership at www.catherinefitness.com, and overall I'm dissatisfied.

My main issue is that your first month starts off at 25$, then it goes down to 15 a month.  This is simply far too much money.  I signed up for the site hoping to get a large collection of material on one of my favorite models, and what I got was nice, but aside from some nude material nothing I couldn't get on a site like herbiceps. 

The real point of interest is that Catherine hosts a live cam show for her fans once a week.  The problem is that she hosts these on random days of the week in the PM, and I was only able to make 1 of the 4 shows.  Since you are emailed about the shows only a couple days in advance, it's hard to plan it out.  What would have been nice is if the shows  could have been recorded and then posted onto her website.

The other major problem I had with the site is that over the course of one month, I saw two updates.  One was a video of back flexing, and the other was a desktop image.

I understand that being a member of this site helps directly fund a wonderful woman, but unless you have a large budget for this sort of thing, it's just not worth it.
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