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Feb 21, 2010 - permalink
I've recently joined this site.

How shall I put it politely: I feel I've been ripped off, it's 20$ to join for the first 30 days. Which is well above avarage. I'd have expected much better service for this money.

Its not a problem with the content, it comes down to two things. First: They promised HD quality videos, well the quality of the downloadable videos is so low, its unwatchable, total waste. Here is an example

While the resolution really qualifies as hd, the quality does not. Frankly I haven't seen anything this bad for at least 10 years. The funny thing is that they also offer the videos in streaming format, which due to the more advanced compression algorithm used offers somewhat better quality, but still far bellow standards. But to download these videos you'll need a download manager that can capture embeddedd flash videos. Which is not a problem for me since I'm already using many extensions for firefox, but users of other browser may not have access to these things, or the know-how to download these videos.

The other issue is while it may look like thay have a vast archive, that is only because half of the picture galleries are screenshots of videos. Which is obviusly not worth much if you have the video. The real picture galleries are good tough, but I'd prefer higher resolutions for the pictures. Nowadays when most people have fullhd displays its a crying shame to be only to be able to download pictures half the resolution of that.

And the other issue is that they offer very few videos of most of the models, sometimes only one or none. If you get four that qualifies as a lot here.

And the topping is that they have a 2.5Gb download limit in place. If you go beyond that you'r banned even from browsing the site for 24 hours.

I've tried to contant the webmaster about the quality of the videos but of course I got no reply, I already paid why would they care now? Its obvious I won't be extending my membership.
Mar 02, 2010 - permalink
Nice review - I agree with what you say.  I was always surprised at how small the pictures.  It's like they feel everyone is using dial up connections.  10 years ago they were a good size but now they are a joke.  I was a member for a few months and asked about it.  I actually got a response but they said they did not hear about this from other people so it was not a concern.   As for the screen shots - I hate those.  Funny how they considern them as updates. 
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