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Competitions and implants

Mar 10, 2020 - permalink
Are breast implants required for competitions? Is that a criteria that the judges use? I'm not looking to create a debate on the merits of implants ... my position is made  pretty clear by looking at my favorites page. I will say this though, back in the golden age of female bodybuilding in the late 1980s and early-mid 1990s few if any of the women had implants ... and female bodybuilding was popular back then. IIRC Madison Square Garden used to be sold out so obviously not having implants wasn't an issue back then.
Mar 10, 2020 - permalink
what about So American Butt Implants
Jul 09, 2020 - permalink
Breast implants are definitely not a requirement for women's competitions, but whether or not a woman has them figures heavily in the unwritten criteria that judges consider.  I think its a shame because there are probably a lot of women who were personally satisfied with their breasts, but who got the surgery as a tool to allow them to compete more effectively at the highest levels.

Jul 11, 2020 - permalink
If that's true, it's a shame. I much prefer girls with a natural chest and pecs.
Jul 13, 2020 - permalink
In an ideal world, breast size wouldn't factor into it at all.  Women would be judged by their size, shape, and definition... all elements they have control of changing through diet and exercise.  To judge them on breast size is just insulting to the women.  They can't help at all the natural fact that their breasts will shrink from dieting.  Some women would prefer to still have the implants, and that's fine... it's her body.  But for those who don't, they shouldn't have to be pressured into it.  It IS a surgery, the procedure always carries risks with it, and even once they've had it done, some women's bodies will "reject" it.  As typical in the media, we always hear about when a woman gets the implants, but rarely hear about them having breast reductions (to remove the implants).  But it happens. 

So it is a bit of a hypocrisy when the same people who ridicule these women for taking steroids to enhance their physiques because it is "unsafe" for their bodies, but also ridicule them for not getting breast implants in order to enhance their "femininity."  Femininity is a loose word and can't be restricted to just breast size.  It's about the way she presents herself onstage.  A woman with a buzzcut, unkempt eyebrows, no makeup, and tattoos of skulls and snakes all over her body while having this manly gait and stiff posing will probably be marked down.... and rightfully so.  In this case it shouldn't matter at all what her bra size is.  She's chosen to have an overall masculine appearance.  On the other hand, a woman that has taken time on her appearance, groomed herself properly, and moves about with a remarkably feminine charisma should be scored higher... and again, not taking into account at all what her bra size is.  But that's how it should be.

Anyways, I've been a long time fan and these women deserve better.  They catch enough hell as it is just from being a woman with muscles.
Dec 20, 2020 - permalink
Never understand people that have implants :o
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