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What got you started?

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They had Amg in the 90s?

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I think I've started in 99 looking at this website

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also powergirls was a huge influence for me when I was a minor, though the site is since defunct

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I was a young teenager and was looking at the magazines while my mom was grocery shopping. I saw Rachel McLish on the cover of Get Fit magazine and I swear to god I remember becoming a man that day. LOL. I remember flipping through the magazine and felling.....a new sensation. I bought it, took it out to the car and stowed it under the seat. Not well enough. My mom saw it and made me return it. I walked back to the store the next day and bought it again. That began a long tenure of hiding WPW magazines and the like under my bed.

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My 6th grade teacher. She had a horse farm and there wells wents dry that summer. She said she had to haul buckets and buckets of water every day, all summer long.

The first day of school, someone mentioned her arms and she smiled and flexed. That was it, I was hooked. She was like 6'2, former softball pitcher in college. Probably weighed like 180 and her arms were HUGE. And to top it off, she looked almost identical to Sandy Riddell in the face.

The 1991 Ms Olympia was also that year so this moment along with watching that on TV put me over the edge.

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Wish we could see your teacher now

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I think the first FBB I remember being fascinated by was Clare Furr and Lori Bowen. This commercial sealed the deal.

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When I saw Amy Fadhli on an ESPN show when I was in college... pretty much did me in forever.

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I love that commercial! And Amy fadhli is gorgeous.

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I remember seeing an FBB for the first time in a Guinness World Records book. Can't remember her name, but the first one I can remember by name is Joanna Thomas, in the documentary Supersize She. From there, I evolved a love for FBBs and athletes alike, from magazines, to infomercials, to online videos. Anything I could find.

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My 7th grade pool teacher was Susan Braumberger. She wore a one piece swimsuit and you could see her abs through the bathing suit. Thats when it started for me

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Don't remember the specific catalyst but here's some times I was floored about muscle girls:

-A girl in my school that used to ride horses. Beat up a guy on a bar after he touched her butt. -fighting game girls: Blue Mary from King of Fighters, Chun Li from Street Fighter, Nina Williams from Tekken and Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat -Beth Phoenix on the WWE. Mad strong and beautiful. She's still massive as a retired wrestler. -Tomoko Kanda. Fell in love after I saw some youtube videos of her working out and flexing. Sadly she stopped updating her social media but I managed to have a brief session with her on HerBicepsCam. Really kind and funny woman. She told me about the time she beat up a Yakuza guy for being a creep.

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Back in the late 70s, when I was in my teens, I remember seeing bikini photos of Lisa Lyon and I liked what I saw. Then came Rachel McLish and I was hooked.

I remember there was a girl in one of my high school classes named Lisa Loya. She was on the gymnastics team and had decent bicep development for those days. I was totally turned on by her and I think she caught me staring at her a couple of times :)

I was also a big fan of some of the early American Gladiators like Raye Hollit and Shelley Beattie.

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Tomoko really did that?

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I imagined women bodybuilders before I even knew they existed. I drew pictures of muscular women when I was a kid, using my imagination of what they would look like. Imagine my excitement when I discovered they were real! For me, the fire existed before the fuel.

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That's quite a story, HalfKorean. But, it makes sense. A love of women who are strong is very natural. Probably goes back to pre-historic days.

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Like HalfKorean, I drew pictures. They weren't very good, but the girls always had thick muscular thighs, and those were always the girls I was attracted to in school. I also remember watching one of Tina Turner's muscular dancers on some TV special. I was turned on but too young to really know it. Then, when I was in high school, a local magazine had a story on how women were becoming a larger presence in local business. The cover story said something like "Women Muscle In" and featured a picture of a what was probably a muscular man's arm in a rear bicep pose with a beautiful woman's face in profile superimposed. I was totally infatuated with the picture, which looked realistic. My parents threw the magazine out when they were done with it, but I dug it out of the trash and saved it because I was so fascinated. I wish I still had it.

The real awareness came when I saw an ad for a female bodybuilding show on a Sunday afternoon in 1980. Two finalists included Aubey Pauluck (I think) and Rachel McLeish. They weren't very muscular compared to the most muscular today, but I had a blissful thirty minutes, and I knew I was infatuated with muscular women, and I am fascinated with all kinds. Some days I just stare at Nathalia Trukhino and can't believe my eyes. Some days it is simply a lithe and fit athlete or dancer like Taneth Gimenez. Some days it is a woman with an incredible butt and sometimes it is a woman who is way stronger than you would think a woman could be. But always, always, it is women with strength and muscularity.

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@Reggieiv ......nice story .....

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Hard to pinpoint. Cory Everson in DOUBLE IMPACT left an impression. As a comic book reader, certain artists pointed the way like George Perez's Wonder Woman and Adam Hughes' Big Barda. On TV, AMERICAN GLADIATORS and the LADIES PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ASSOCIATION cinched it.

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I was looking up something that had nothing to do with female muscle, the Soviet space shuttle Buran. But I got off course and I ended up on a picture of a woman with big arms. I realised I was attracted to that women.

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Oh man I remember the encyclopedia entry I used to look at that pic all the time growing up in my set

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