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What got you started?

Aug 17, 2018 - permalink
Do you have a crystallizing memory of the first time you figured out - wow I really appreciate female muscle?  Mine was seeing Tanya Knight on American Gladiators.  I was watching her while everyone else was enjoying the contest
Aug 17, 2018 - permalink
Crystallizing memory is a good way to say it. For me it was early days of web surfing using dial up, maybe 1997. I had seen pics and shows on TV with female bodybuilders
previously, but this day was different. Went to a site, believe it was a college student personal website. Had pics of various things guys enjoy, cars, sports, and women.
After taking ten minutes or so for all the images to load, there were pics of female bodybuilders. There were two or three images of Becky Rampey. My jaw hit the floor
when I saw her, and I knew right then and there that was a game changing moment in my life. This was before google and not even certain I knew much about searching back then.
Am really glad I stumbled upon that website, and I've never looked back.
Aug 17, 2018 - permalink
I can almost pinpoint it - the 1988 Women's World Bodybuilding Championship from Nice.
It was a real Who's Who - speaking of Tanya Knight, it had her, Janice Ragain, Marjo Selin, Dominique Darde, and a lot of other great ones.
Aug 18, 2018 - permalink
Two things.  One was a penthouse with a curiously muscular model which led me to check out a female bodybuilding contest on ESPN and saw Krista Anderson who looked very much like Farrah Faucet who was on my wall. She was Farrah with muscle and I remember coming instantly to attention.  That was it for me. I had to have muscle after that.  I remember Becky Rampey - man she was hot too.
Aug 30, 2018 - permalink
No I don't remember, because it was so long ago...
Sep 08, 2018 - permalink
oh and the real story before I saw girls on tv I described in a story I wrote:
Sep 26, 2018 - permalink
I just went to the gym... And saw her... It was a pretty muscular girl about 30yo.. After this I feel a craving for such girls because i think it's more beautiful than non sporty
Oct 18, 2018 - permalink
Do you have a crystallizing memory of the first time you figured out - wow I really appreciate female muscle?  Mine was seeing Tanya Knight on American Gladiators.  I was watching her while everyone else was enjoying the contest
Tonya Knight, not Tanya?
Jan 08, 2019 - permalink
oh and the real story before I saw girls on tv I described in a story I wrote:

your story was fantastic. Great job, and congrats on the books
Feb 12, 2019 - permalink
For me it was a couple things. I was in high school, and my school's gymnastics team trained at the gym and I would just seat and watch the girls perform their exercises. But, there was a special one. She was older than the rest - probably 18 and had the typical pro gymnast physique, short and lean but very muscular. Just watching her doing handstand pushups... did I mention she was quite cute as well? Well, that was my first tantalizing moment.
The second one, the definitive, was "Getting Physical", the 1984 made-for-tv movie featuring Alexandra Paul and many of that era's best fbbs.
I made a betamax copy of that and kept it dear to my heart for years. The rest is history.
Apr 23, 2019 - permalink
1979 - I was 13 years old and Laura Combes appeared on "Real People"... wow!  Though it would be a few more years until puberty struck, the seed was sown here.

Apr 23, 2019 - permalink
Certainly American Gladiators, the first run of it. I think it was re-runs when I caught it though.
Jun 07, 2019 - permalink
I've always been into girls who are curvy/bigger, but about 15 years ago I went out with a girl who was like this but also happened to be amazingly strong. When we were in bed she would pin me down and I had no hope at all of getting out from under her. She worked on a building site, and had a reputation for being stronger than a lot of the guys that she worked with. She would carry 2 x 25kg bags of sand/cement at once like most people carry a carton of milk.

I remember once her helping me lay a patio in my garden. The big 2' x 2' slabs (which weigh about 30kg each) were on a pallet out the front. She carried 2 at a time round to the back garden. I was amazed by this and very turned on. Ever since then I've had a big thing for strong girls (but not necessarily overtly muscular).
Jun 11, 2019 - permalink
1979 - I was 13 years old and Laura Combes appeared on "Real People"... wow!  Though it would be a few more years until puberty struck, the seed was sown here.

...same for me, although i was 23 instead of 13...
Jun 27, 2019 - permalink
Mine too was 1997 when I got my 1st computer.
I was already into toned women having seen one @ a wedding I attended, she was wearing a slinky backless summer dress & loved the way her toned back moved when dancing.

So when I got my 1st computer I was on a search engine-pre Google I reckon & was searching for toned women in bikinis when a photo of a muscled woman in a bikini came up- BOUNG!!- instant wood!.
Never looked @ anything else after that-I'm totally addicted!!  ;D ;D
Jun 28, 2019 - permalink
In 1979 I was 18 and already knew I liked girls with very thick strong legs as there were a few in my high school.  No one wanted these girls at all because guys would focus on the face and hair.  The thing I realized was some girls who were shy because they were very average in the face were also hiding bodies that had become strong from being raised on farms.  My favorite, because we had a long relationship, was a filipino girl who had legs so muscular that I could not get them out of my mind.  I mean to this day I do not think any woman, female bodybuilder, runner, powerlifter I mean anyone could compare legs with her, she was barely 5 feet tall but her solid thick body probably had her at 150 pounds.  She was very dark for a Filipino and had a neck that was very thick, her butt was perfect...extremely muscular, each cheek just tightened very high and protruded so much a dinner plate would sit on it.  She really liked showing off those legs because she was a sprinter as well and was always wearing those skimpy running shorts...I think the one thing running against her in the guy department was young men like boobs, she had none just some pec development, also she was not curvy, straight up and down, not any fat I could see.  She would have been a fantastic bodybuilder, but it never came up.  She wanted to have a guy love her and none would until I came along.  I had also known her in the 3rd grade and once we be friends again she and I would leave school and go get lunch, which continued to making out and heavy petting.  Finally we started do what we both wanted and that was spending our lunch hour at my parents house...neither of us were very experienced but soon we were having sex in my bed 5 days a week,  sometimes we used protection and other times not but I will never forgot the year we had sex probably 300 times or more.  Everyday we did the same thing and no it never got old, some things I have read about how muscular a woman can get just aren't true for everyone, like she was quite vascular all over.  I will not go into details like porn writing except to say I still want to feel here next to me, but I have a great life and very happily married...and lucky for me my wife is very strong as well, but the legs I have been describing were unbelievable, like drawn by an artist....I had an encounter with her years later...some other time
Jul 10, 2019 - permalink
I think I must have been about 14 in the early 80s.  I watched what I think must have been a documentary on TV here in the UK. I don't remember much abput the show except being dumbstruck by the physiques. It would have been on my little black and white portable with an indoor antenna, so a poor picture but I stuck with it because I was so mesmerised. And the rest is history.
Aug 26, 2019 - permalink
I got started in the early 90s with She-ra and of course American Gladiators and even the og GLOW. I loved strong women characters, but didn't really have the sexual connection until a bit later.

At one point when I was around 12, I walked in on my parents flipping channels to a bodybuilding show on ESPN. I hadn't entered the room yet, but was completely dumbstruck by what I was seeing, particularly the legs at the time. I don't remember who was on stage, but my head was swimming when I was snapped back to earth by my father exclaiming, "Ugggh! Gross!" and my mother backing him up with "Any man that would want a woman like that is probably just gay."

And with that I quietly closed the door and prepared myself for 20 years of keeping secrets.

The MAJOR moment though came a little later when I was watching the Charles Perez Show, one of the glut of talk shows of the era. Tina Lockwood was on this episode and I lost my mind. I'd rationalized a love of muscular legs by this point and crept pics from the internet or Flex magazine at the store, but this was a whole new body of evidence. She was massive, bulging, in colorful 90s gear and completely stunning. The crowd was hating, but I was in nirvana and now a complete schmoe/fanman on the complete, massive package. There would be no going back from there and there still hasn't been.
Nov 03, 2019 - permalink
I know just what you mean. 

Nearly the first one - though I mention it in another thread - was a documentary with a lot of PRETTY big ones, but they were joined by one at off-season weight, making her look HUGE. And as nice as the others were, that's the one that really hit me.

Another would be an especially good segment about Sandy Riddell on Muscle Magazine.
Feb 23, 2020 - permalink
With so much 80s and 90s talk, it kinda makes you wonder if it's a predisposition we have or some sort of culutral exposure moment that makes these women drive us wild.

I remember Dr. Drew talking to Adam Carolla about older men  prefering a full bush to anything shaved which young men seem to like since back inthe 70s etc that shaved wasn't really an option.
Feb 23, 2020 - permalink
I grew up in the 80's and 90's... at a time when women in comics were drawn with more muscle, female bodybuilding was beginning to take off, and muscular women in TV shows were becoming more common.  I think what really solidified my interest was seeing Chyna and Nicole Bass in wrestling (back then it was the WWF).  Then as the internet began to take off I couldn't help but seek out what other muscular women were out there.  One of the first sites I ever frequented was Lori Braun's femalemuscle.com...  which at the time only had a handful of pics of the most popular FBB's at the time (Lenda Murray, Laura Creavalle, etc.).  My interest just kept growing over time.
Feb 24, 2020 - permalink
For me it was seeing a TV programme in late 80s with Juliette Bergman. I was completely blown away with her muscles but I don't think the rest of the family were very impressed, so I had to keep it to myself and secret after that....
Feb 24, 2020 - permalink
For me it started from real live events. I remember to girls in the neighbourhood getting my interest started. The one girl was a true tomboy who was my best friend. We often competed in all kinds of things and I specifically remember two times she overpowered me wrestling in the backyard.
The other girl was a half asian girl who I think had a crush on me. I can't remember how we got to it, but I remember her flexing a bicep that took my breath away. We were only around 12 I think.
Apr 21, 2020 - permalink
I'll have a go and try to get into the history of it in my experience. For me I have trouble pin pointing exactly where it really started. I believe my love of wrestling (pro wrestling) as a child sparked it maybe. I remember being in late elementary school and starting to fantasize about the girls in my class would look like with muscles specifically biceps and abs. I believe I would occasionally get wrestling magazines as a child (I think they were pro wrestling magazines) and they from time to time had pictures of regular buff chicks (and guys) in the front cover page. I also remember being in middle school and being a library aide. One time I was putting books away and came across a fitness book. Inside one of the pages was a big blown up picture of a female bodybuilder (no clue who it was) I remember secretly photo copying it and taking it home with me.

I remember having a weird fantasy with an attractive neighbor girl when I was younger she was much taller then me (I was very short until middle of high school). I would estimate her height and stand on stuff and pretend to be as tall as she was when I was alone and it would make me feel weird (I was very young at the time 8-9 and didn't understand that it was turning me on I also no longer have a height fetish as it fully morphed into muscle). Because of internet and limited availability of content I would go very far and few between before having glimpses of what would become my fetish. I remember working up the nerve from time to time and asking my sisters friends who were a little younger then me to flex, we played together a lot as we were close in age. I only remember one of her friends having muscle. This memory is probably from late elementary school (maybe early middle school) if I am remembering it correctly she was probably the first encounter face to face with muscle in my life. She had abs and surprising biceps. I would try to act cool, but I loved when my sister had her over as a child. The next early face to face memory was a school trip I had in late middle school. We had the opportunity to use the hotel pool and everyone on our trip got 30 minutes. Their was this one girl in my class that I had no idea was fit came to the pool with some of the most shredded and ripped abs I have ever seen up to that point. This memory is so poignant that this possibly made everything so real to me. That some girl I knew personally (we weren't really friends just acquaintances) could exist in day to day life.

Soon after I moved away and we got our first family computer. For awhile I had no idea that muscular/fit woman could exist online until one day I searched for them. When I actively and reliably could find pictures of fit chicks online it became a hobby of sorts. I soon became obsessed eventually finding the herbiceps forum and soon after myspace (specifically the search function on their images). I also ran into a website called bodyspace which could host profiles of random people that I would soon scour through.

 I again went pretty far and few between with seeing fit woman. Their were a few girls in highschool who were pretty fit. I never actually worked up the nerve to ask them to flex. One memory I have in PE we were doing a warm up jog and I happened to be running next to one of the fitter chicks in my high school (she had some shockingly big arms for a relatively skinny girl) and my buddy joking around jogged by us quickly and flexed to pretend act tough. He was kind of a skinny guy, but I remember her laughing and telling me she was pretty sure her arms were bigger. I always regretted not asking her to flex at the moment. I remember another moment from high school when a new guy moved to our school who was pretty buff and very attractive (the girls loved him) and in one class another pretty fit girl antagonized him enough to flex for her and she returned the favor. It was impressive but I wasn't blown away by any means.

That was the last face to face moment I had with muscle for a very long time. That was until my 3rd or 4th girl friend who I have talked about on here that completely changed the game for me. I started dating a chick who unbeknown to me at the time was extremely fit. We started seeing each other in the colder months so it wasn't until several dates later at a get together at her friends house that I realized I was dating a pretty ripped chick with shockingly large biceps. I completely ruined the relationship with my obsession and was extremely depressed for years after the fact. But it did make me realize that dating fit chicks was completely possible. I had a few relationships after nothing super serious.

I was living with a female co worker at the time who I only considered a friend. I remember coworkers telling me she was super in love with me, but to be honest I wasn't really into her. Until one day at work she had her arms extended lifting something and I saw a bicep peaking out of her arm. Nothing too impressive at the time because she was stocky and not exactly fit, but it did surprise me. It didn't stop me from arm wrestling her often when we would hang out. I would usually beat her. I thought it was nice and it added this weird layer to our relationship. I still wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with her. Funny enough back then and it never occurred to me until later after she told me. She had purchased one of those door frame pullup bars and was doing pullups and chinnups when I wasn't home. She later told me (much later) she noticed me checking out her arms and how frequent we would arm wrestle and knew it was a weird turn on for me.

Eventually I moved away to get a better job. I realized a few months later that I was missing her quite a bit. We were really great friends and I decided after many failed relationships that I was dating the wrong people. Eventually told her I loved and missed her and we moved into our own place together were I had gotten my better job. I came clean about my obsession with female muscle and she seemed optimistic about working out with me on a regular basis. It started off slow working out at home in our apartment with shitty weight sets. Eventually we bought our house together and built a home gym. And now for years we have been working out 6-7 days a week 1.5 to 2 hours a day and we are super happy together. Over the last few years she has really developed a good set of arms and even recently changed job positions for a better schedule and her new position has her lifting 10 to 50lb boxes all day which in my opinion has caused her arms to explode a little bit.

I used to post pictures of her with her face cropped out, but their was never much interest plus people kept saying I'm photo shopping her image so it doesn't interest me a lot anymore, but I couldn't be more happy right now.
Apr 29, 2020 - permalink
I remember seeing a James Bond movie when I was young.  There were two women in bikinis name Bambi and Thumper that beat the crap out of James Bond.
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