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Paula Suzuki DVD

Mar 20, 2015 - permalink
I've bought a number of DVDs over the years, eventually they get put away and forgotten about for a long time.  Yesterday was looking for other things
and found Paula Suzuki DVD in a drawer, WPW 255. Wow, what an absolute load of muscle this woman carries. Her legs not quite up to par with the upper body,
but her upper body is a festival of female muscle. If you are a fan of pecs, this woman is definitely the same size as Colette Guimond in the pec area.
There is a scene where she poses in a tight fitting black dress, low cut and sleeveless. Between her softball sized biceps, massive and striated pecs, thick triceps
and an out of this world v-taper, you don't know where to focus your eyes, there is so much muscle to behold. If you guys have a fantasy about taking a muscular
woman on a date, there is a scene where Paula is in a powder room applying makeup and wearing a tight green sleeveless dress. A lot of good posing in this scene after
she completes the makeup. A special nod to her v-taper in this scene. Many good scenes of her working out in the gym, performing cable crossovers, biceps curls and
tricep pressdowns. After each exercise she poses, massive muscles and ripped to shreds. You can tell she is more than happy to pose her big feminine muscles for you.
I do not work for the company that sells this DVD. I had to post this because at least upper body wise, there were few women bigger than Paula. Tina Lockwood comes
to mind and am sure you can think of others. Tina definitely did not have the pec development Paula had. You'd have to determine if Paula is to your tastes,
but if you like the large and thickly muscled women, this is a great DVD to own. Ain't nothing better than a gorgeous woman loaded with muscle.
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