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Can you belive this!

Dec 01, 2009 - permalink

Her name is natasha truhina she is from russian and she's 18 ylo but look at her picture.

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in just about 3 monthes she build up this muscles, she were training since she was 15 but when she became 18 she took steriods because if you saw her pic before 3 months she wasn't that huge pls she is youngest bodybuilder in the world.

pls if someone has a picturs about here recentily posted here and forgive me because my Eng is bad it's not my first language.
Dec 03, 2009 - permalink
What's not to believe?  Half the women depicted on this site take steroids; I have no use for any of them.   

I'm here for the natural women.
Dec 03, 2009 - permalink
she's actually gotten a LOT bigger since that was taken, but Ursus is correct in observing that it is without question due to steroids.  Taking steroids still means that a person has to workout hard to achieve results, but just be careful not to give the girl credit for her size - she would likely be half that size if it weren't for the drugs (roughly speaking).  Also the growth rate becomes incredibly accelerated with the use of steroids.  That said, however, natasha is a nice-looking girl.  Not the youngest bodybuilder though - perhaps one of the youngest to take steroids though hehe.
Dec 04, 2009 - permalink
It's a shame that girls feel they have to compete to the point that they take steroids  :(
Dec 05, 2009 - permalink
Agreed on steroids not being a good idea, but I still like looking at all these girls, including those who use them.

Much more of Natasha at http://forum.bodybuilding.com/photo/member.php?uid=4772083&protype=1
Dec 05, 2009 - permalink
i'm not against it either - just like to be realistic about it.  hard to compare apples to apples when one girl takes PED's and another doesn't - but easy to think that the one taking drugs is somehow better genetically or harder-working - kind of like many professional athletes have obtained riches, endorsements, and accolades on this rather fraudulent basis.  aesthetically though, and in sports like bodybuilding/fitness where it's allowed the only thing i am against is overdosing to the extent that facial features become distorted or masculine.  to stay remotely on the thread topic:  natasha is still cute, but you can see some distortion has occurred.  hopefully she'll draw the line soon and just focus on maintaining her mass and definition.
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