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Girls with calves as big as your thighs

Aug 30, 2009 - permalink
What were your respective heights and weights?  Was she strong?
Sep 18, 2009 - permalink
It's a bit unlikely.  My thighs are about 25".
Sep 19, 2009 - permalink
yeah i'm pretty tall and played football so i have big thighs, but there is this girl who works at my gym who has the most solid calves i've ever seen.

when you look at the back of her legs, you can see how much they curve and then taper back down to her lower leg with a great shape and as she walks, you can see a well defined split in her calf.

from the front, you can see them bulging from the side of her shins.

she once mentioned something about training for a show (that's when she showed me some calf poses, i'm not creepily checking her out lol), but her real sport is running. she asks me to go running with her from time to time, but i would never be able to keep up, lol. cycling is more my thing anyway.

for what it's worth, her calves are probably bigger than my calves, and certainly my arms lol
Sep 20, 2009 - permalink
Once got asked to dance by a beautiful Hispanic lady, prolly in her mid 40s, who had calves so big, I couldn't keep from staring at them. They looked the size and shape of softballs, prolly a good 16 inches around. It looked like she might have grown up walking around on her toes, to get them so developed. I'd say if I hadn't been so polluted at the time, I would have danced with her ;D
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