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Dating a stronger girl

Aug 21, 2009 - permalink
What were your respective heights and weights?  How do you know she was stronger?
Aug 28, 2009 - permalink
Ah, yes. But does she flex for you-that is your short quiz for today! ::)
Aug 30, 2009 - permalink
that might be tough for me .... I am not a wimpy little boy
Oct 29, 2009 - permalink
Well, let's see now, I'm 3'4" 35 lbs - you could say I have nano limbs.  I mean, seriously there are one-year olds that weigh more than me.  She, on the other hand (and don't ask me how I landed this broad 'cuz it's a looong story brotha), was 6'8" and 342lbs - SOLID MUSCLE.  She had like 15-pack abs man.  I mean, *technically* I never really had a "strength contest" with her per se - so I guess that leaves a slight possibility that I was stronger, but I'm pretty sure she could have ripped me limb from limb if she wanted.

Yep, there you have it Ultrabomb - a strong girl can be weaker than a weak guy.  Yay!

Just for the record though - I have dated a girl that was stronger.  In fact, her pictures are on this site, but I won't say who she is out of respect.  5'6" 160 are her stats (and sexy and ripped as hell, btw) and although I am significantly taller and weigh far more there was no question she was much stronger.  And also for the record, I am above-average size/strength even for a guy (i.e. bench-pressing over 300lbs, etc), so this was no meaningless feat of crushing a weakling.  Sorry, I do not have nano-limbs hahahaha.

So there are your sarcastic AND real answers to your perpetual question.  Yes, it exists - and if anyone should know, it's the people on this site.  You get muscles by working out a lot - I don't care who you are - and lo and behold, that makes a person strong!  Pound for pound strength also varies between individuals, so of course if you get a woman who works out, has great genes for strength and muscular development, and perhaps an above-average level of testosterone (yes, women have it too) - then it is plainly possible, and not altogether uncommon for a woman to be stronger.

Yes, it is hot, in many of our opinions.  What I don't get is: why the lame questions?  Why not find a sweet wrestling video or domination video  or whatever you thnk is awesome, and share it with the board instead for a change?  Do you have experiences to share?  Even fantasies can be articulated on the stories board if that's your thing.  Or do you just want/like to hear about the conquests of more seasoned men?  Sorry for the tone, but I just don't get ya.

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