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NOW Britt Miller QUITS Bodybuilding!!!

Aug 02, 2009 - permalink
No surprise!!! after the announce of Cindy Phillips quiting the sport  Britt Miller just announced on her blog that she has now Quit the sport...

Aug 04, 2009 - permalink
Britt  did not  completely quit .
 she simply  is takeing a break from competeing.  she is still going to do photo shoots  etc.     
Sep 21, 2009 - permalink
she didn't quit? well that's a relief seeing cindy phillips had gone, one of the fbb world future idol had left but it's fortunate britt didnt follow her, couldn't afford losing fbb beauties
Sep 21, 2009 - permalink
Geez, I'll bet that for every one that quits, there's two more waiting to take their place ;D
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