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searched pictures are displayed out of order

Mar 23, 2018 - permalink
Trying to see the pictures of Olga Tupitsyna on this page, https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/images/?name=Olga%20Tupitsyna, I found that some pictures are not displayed strictly by their number: it's out of order.

572214 569751 569753 569755 569754 569748 555755

Maybe these images were submitted at the same time to GWM, maybe that's why the order is a little messed up.

Anyway, as the order appearing on the screen can be useful for chronological comparisons (I mean transformation of the body), it might be good to correct this minor defect, and especially make sure that it can't appear on larger "gaps" of the number.
Mar 24, 2018 - permalink
This is by design. Pictures are now sorted according to the time they were posted, not the ID.

There are two main cases where pictures will not be in the same order as ID:
- They are imported from the old GWM site, where often pictures were approved in batches by the mods. Any one group of these would have the same posted time, and their displayed order here is arbitrary.
- New pictures are not approved in the order they are uploaded. Every picture is assigned an ID at upload time, but they may be approved in a different order. They retain their IDs once they get posted, so in this case they would be out of order. (This is different from the old behavior, where pictures got assigned a new ID when they were posted.)

Either way, the order is still chronological.
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