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Upload changing user

Nov 02, 2015 - permalink
Hello, y'all. I hope this is the proper area for my inquiry. If not I apologize.

I uploaded a picture and about a week later i noticed it was gone from "my uploads" page. The night previous I did see that the pic in question got uploaded by someone else and moderated in a second time after I had uploaded it. I just took note and left the site, I figured it would be deleted. This ended up not being the case. That photo was deleted but then my photo including a long comments section was given to another user.

I'm figuring that it was a mistake by a moderator or error by the system but I am concerned if this is a regular occurrence. I've been a long time GWM member but I am new to contributing pics and something like this deters me from wanting to continue uploading. Im not looking for the pic to be put back under my username but I am curious to know what happened.


The pic in question:
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Nov 05, 2015 - permalink
OK, nevermind. I just found the notice detailing what happens when 2 of the same pic are added.

Bummer, I guess I need to upload the biggest pic possible. Lame that I still get comment notifications.
Nov 09, 2015 - permalink
Right, when there are two of the same images uploaded on the site, we (the staff) merge them. The higher quality one (usually, but not always, the one that is bigger) is kept, and all the ratings and comments are placed under it.

If the two images are both the same quality, we keep the one that was uploaded first.
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