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[FIXED] Major spam attack in comments on one of the photos

Sep 27, 2009 - permalink
Hi Chainer,
Not sure if this is really a bug, but one of Biflexer's pictures is really
getting spammed like crazy in the comments section. See
I wonder how they're getting past the security code?
Sep 28, 2009 - permalink
 >:( Damn! That's some bad shit there! Gotta be some way it can be deleted and steps taken to prevent that from happening again. Maybe there's a program out there somewhere that can reverse spam and send it back to the originator, in spades! >:D
Oct 04, 2009 - permalink
Deleted, and I've improved the CAPTCHAs a bit, so hopefully the bots will have a harder time breaking them.
Oct 07, 2009 - permalink
Good deal, Chainer. Hopefully that will keep the scums at bay. Thanks.
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