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Dec 23, 2020 - permalink
Why ever do people post pictures without the girls name?  If they've found the pic, surely they know who it is!
5 days ago - permalink

Some of the images are unblemished and not all can be identified by name.

4 days ago - edited 4 days ago - permalink

Two reasons, amongst many:

  • Uploader can't be bothered and figures someone else will fill it in
  • Uploader doesn't know the name, because none was associated with it

Having uploaded a number myself and in other cases tried to reverse image search a number of images, some models don't have a name in the same place as the photo.

For example, we see uploads from Instagram and Tumblr, and they often come from profiles that aren't tied to a specific model. Often the name of the model is missing, so the path of information loss continues.

Another example, is that the model was part of a promotional campaign for a product, but her name was never disclosed, since it didn't need to be.

Staff don't know many of the names, so depend on the community's collective knowledge to add the name when known.

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