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Extending queue's uploads expiration period ..

Oct 19, 2020 - permalink
I've noticed that since those last couple of months that uploads in the queue are automatically deleted after 5 days if Mods haven't decided what to do with them. And it happens all the time, and i have re-upload some of those deleted uploads again as there is no good reason to delete them but just because they exceeded their 5 days exportation date in the queue.

So i suggest extending this period, apparently 5 days is not enough to look over all the uploads in the queue.
Oct 21, 2020 - permalink
Good observation, you're correct about the fact that we changed it and that the limit is 5 days. The images getting deleted is by design. We've shifted to a method where we approve the images that stand out in a good way, and leave the rest in the queue to get auto-deleted for the most part. If your image gets auto-deleted, chances are it didn't stand out enough to get someone to approve it, and re-uploading it will probably result in the same thing.
Oct 26, 2020 - permalink
Apparently this is not what happens. As a lot of uploads expire then appear again on the site as posted uploads by a different user. Which means it's not about whether they're good or bad, if this is the case they would never appear again no matter what how many times they're uploaded. But what happens is that the same photos or vids are uploaded again by another users and this time they get approved by one of the mods.

It proves my point, 5 days is not enough period for the Mods to examine all the uploads and a lot of them expire before anyone see them then they're uploaded again by other users and approved. I suggest (only suggest) you bring back the good old days without this expiration period. It will prevent a lot of troubles happening now and will continue to happen. And this will spare you a lot of arguments and complaints or reports by users.
Oct 27, 2020 - permalink
You're more than welcome to upload these directly as well.  As Chainer pointed out, mundane posts tend to get ignored in the queue, so the intention is to encourage higher quality content.  And so far we've only received one complaint.
Nov 24, 2020 - permalink
You know what's really funny about direct uploading of what's been auto deleted because it's "mundane"?  I've done just that and within a day, quite a few of these "mundane" posts have 20 or 30 likes and multiple comments. So much for what the masses know. I guess what's "mundane" for one person isn't that for another.
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