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Broader Search Results

Apr 02, 2020 - permalink
To start with, I'm not a programmer.  But if it's possible, I think it would do us well to have broader search results.  A recent example of this is if I'm looking for "CalfQueen."  Let's say I can't remember how she's listed on the site but I do remember there's 'calf' in the name field, so I search for 'calf.'  This will return 0 results.  Now unless I somehow remember the name exactly or find it through other means, I'm screwed.  So I'm just suggesting that searches be more loose, and return partially matched results as well.
Apr 02, 2020 - permalink
I don't think this is feasible, or at least is much harder to do than you might think. This is because the names are indexed (read: optimized for searches) based on the full words in the name. This means that when doing a search, the search is only as expensive as the number of pictures returned in the results and NOT the total number of images on the site, so for example, if you search for "Jessica", it doesn't have to look through all 900,000+ entries. However, if you were to search for partial names, this indexing would work, so such a search would involve scanning every single picture on the site, and thus be prohibitively expensive.
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