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Hidden Treasures

Mar 20, 2020 - permalink
Almost 80% (over 7000 pages) of site content has a score of 30 or less.  I propose a section for the most promising among these posts.  Criteria could be posts that received a score of 20+ in under 24 hrs (of original post date).  Which indicates it was 'hot' at the time, but for some reason fizzled, perhaps suddenly getting buried beneath several posts from the upload queue.  Could be a section on the home page, consisting of 10-20 posts that could remain up for 24 hrs.  Randomly generated (based on aforementioned criteria).  Or it could be used as a search function, similar to "Random" but returning only results fitting the criteria.  These "Hidden Treasures" would be separate from posts that have a lifetime score of 20+...  In other words, posts that aren't expected to go very far (and haven't).
Mar 21, 2020 - permalink
I do like this idea for an additional 4th section on the front page. I think it's more promising than the purely random images we talked about some time ago.
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