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Comments to Likes Ratio...

Feb 01, 2020 - permalink
I appreciate this site's layout and design. I think it's excellent. I even like pictures getting a bump just for being recently commented upon, but there are some photos that have absurdly lopsided comments-to-likes ratios. These pictures are not of as much interest to the community, yet they keep cropping up in feeds.

If a picture has 10 more comments than likes, then perhaps it should be locked for comments. Or, if it's not a coding nightmare, perhaps the picture should not appear on "recently commented." People can still converse in private or off-site.  Thanks!
Feb 01, 2020 - permalink
Just my opinion forthcoming:

Honestly, I don't see all THAT many photos with a lots of comments and very few likes. I don't think it's that big of an issue.

And, when it happens, it's usually because it's a controversial kind of photo (say, extremely large breasts on a small-framed, marginally muscled woman) and people will quite naturally want to talk about it, even if they aren't tagging it as among their "likes."

Actually, I kind of enjoy wading in on a rip-roaring discussion, but to each his own.
Feb 04, 2020 - permalink
Can you give some examples of this?
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