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Too many girls have removed their photos lately?

Mar 15, 2021 - permalink

I used to work with someone with an fbb paysite. He was convinced, no matter what I said, that GMW was a piracy site. Maybe others are also under that impression.

Or, these women could just have an issue with their images being anywhere but under their direct control. I wouldn't post any pics of myself for that reason, but once posted, it's beyond your control. My employer asked me to give consent to have my image on their website. I declined and was surprised when the person who asked understood and respected my choice.

Mar 16, 2021 - permalink

When people are essentially make a living (or have a very involved hobby) by putting their image out into the universe, I find it hard to be sympathetic to the fact that said image might be floating about in ways they didn't strictly foresee.

To use their image for commerical gain without their knowledge or compensation would be a crime. But to take their image onto a forum and comment (crudely or otherwise) is not a crime.

If people want control over their image they have the option of a) not posting it in the first place, or b) posting it under locked down, restricted access social media.

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