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Oct 31, 2009 - permalink
Anyone here do it?

(By which I mean: hitting a pic you happen not to enjoy with a '0' vote. Personally, I only rate below a '5' for something that really offends me. I've only ever zero-bombed pics of seriously underaged females or truly grotesque implants, and neither of those more than once or twice.)

If so, care to tell us why?

(Seems to happen a lot to abshots of women of color ...)
Nov 06, 2009 - permalink
I do it for girls that are are on either end of the extreme:  girls that are visibly anorexic on one end, or steroid monstors on the other end.   To me both types are unhealthy looking and completely unattractive.
Nov 07, 2009 - permalink
read my post called "rating suggestion" - it would reduce the effect of this.
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