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... and one more suggested category tag

Oct 31, 2009 - permalink
... obliques.

Just as everything had to be classified as 'back' before you added 'lats' and 'traps', great obliques currently have to be tagged as 'abs', which isn't quite the same thing.

And maybe there should be a separate tag for 'implants', so that they don't get confused with 'pecs' under the 'chest' classification.

Joking about that last one.
Nov 07, 2009 - permalink
if she has great abs, she'll probably have great obliques. and if not just move on to the next pic.  what's next?  distinguishing between gluteus maximum and minimus?  also, a general comment i've been sitting on:  if anything, the pictures tend to be placed into too many categories.  for example, many bicep pictures "show" some delts, and traps, and abs, and the girl is a bodybuilder etc.  so the picture gets into 12 categories, which means it comes up almost all the filters (which, to me, is rather pointless).  god forbid it's a full body shot from the side the number of categories becomes insane.  so, along that vein - adding obliques will end up always being redundantly categorized with abs anyway.  that said, obliques are very cool - i just don't think it would be fruitful to filter by them :-P
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