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So, I've been away for a few weeks...

Oct 04, 2009 - permalink
Turns out real life caught up with me and I didn't have time to visit GWM much at all for the past few weeks. Thanks to Sharkwater for keeping up with the updates.  ;D

I noticed that some things got a little spammy (well, mainly the comments for that image of Biflexer), and some other things required some maintenance.

So, in a sudden burst of activity (!!!), here's what I've done:

-I've offered a moderator position to liftmedk/hum2005, and lejtkar. I hope they'll accept, which would mean more updates and less spam.
-I've given moderators the ability to delete images as well as image comments on the main site. This should be a big help against spam and/or horrible images that somehow slip through the approval process.
-Moderators can now delete and edit threads and posts on the forums.
-Moderators can now approve polls on the main site. So, if you submit a poll, you no longer have to wait two years for me to read it :p
-I've fixed some issues with the "closed polls" page. I think it displays correctly now without having "No data is available for this poll" display an arbitrary amount of times at the top of the page.
-I posted all the polls that were in the poll queue.

If you sent me an email in the past 15 days, or had some other pressing concern, that I didn't answer, chances are I didn't get it and you might want to contact me again.

That's all, have fun  :)
Oct 09, 2009 - permalink
is there anyway we can get notified if one of our uploads were deleted and if so which image. if there isn't, that's fine.
glad to hear there are more moderators. love the site still.
Oct 11, 2009 - permalink
That would actually be pretty hard to do... I can't show you the images that were deleted because, well... they're deleted, and by definition they're no longer on the site. The best I could do is tell you the original filename (on your computer) of the images that were deleted, but I feel like that wouldn't be too helpful.

Here's what I did instead:

Whenever you upload pictures, it tells you how many pictures (including yours) are now in the queue. (This was supposed to work before too, but it was broken.) For duplicates, it also gives you a link to the duplicate that it detected on the site. Like this:

Also, when you go to the main upload page, it tells you how many images you have in the queue:

Does this help?
Oct 13, 2009 - permalink
WoW! Good :D
Just a thing.... i also have 4 images in the queue to be approved... they're the same like you...it's a match or a bug?? XD
Oct 14, 2009 - permalink
yeah that helps, thanks.
i didn't realize how hard it would be to notify a person if their pics were deleted cuz they weren't on the site anymore. haha i never thought that through.
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