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Survey results and discussion

May 29, 2009 - permalink
Here are the results of last week's survey about the site, with some of my thoughts inserted. To those who took the time to take it, thanks. Feel free to discuss  :)

This is great! Only a small amount of people gave the site less than an 8, and 6 was the lowest rating given. This tells me that I'm doing most things right.

I started doing more frequent updates a few days ago. You should notice a significant difference. Over the past few days, I've done about 100-picture updates at about 24-hour intervals.

People want more random girls next door with muscle, but the problem is, these are sort of rare. When people upload such a picture, however, I almost always approve it. A significant number of people think that there shouldn't be any girls on the site who are flexing but don't show any muscle- in general, I agree, and tend to reject those images. If such an image does get posted on the main site, it usually gets comments along the line of "YAWN" and a low rating.

My main goal in asking this question was to find out whether people think that there are a disproportionately large amount of bodybuilders or fitness competitors on the site; of course there are people who only prefer one but not the other, but the poll results tell me that the current ratio of fitness to bodybuilder to girl-next-door is okay.

The results of this surprised me, as I thought more uploaders would say the moderation process is too strict. A significant number of people did say that, however, so I have lowered my moderation standards ever so slightly- more on this below. However, there won't be a huge change here.

I asked this to give visitors who didn't upload images a chance to answer a similar question. Most people seem to be fine with the variety and quality of images. A significant number did say "All uploaded images fitting the description 'female with muscle' should be accepted and put on the site," but I'm inclined not to take this as seriously as the responses of the uploaders, since these people have never had their own images moderated, and have no idea what sorts of images make it through and what don't. Similarly, this is why there was no "make the moderation more lenient" option- these people should not be able to tell exactly how strict the process is.

Clearly, I will continue to reject images that definitely look morphed, as well as girls where you can't see any hint of muscle. I try to use as much common sense as possible with the latter category; if the girl looks like she has above average muscularity, the image is good.

People seem to, overall, want to see images of very muscular women, as long as they don't have a masculine appearance. Hence, I'll do my best to approve images of bodybuilders who don't look like they've overdosed on steroids. In the latter case, I will reject the image.

Contest tans, as well as mature women, seem to be a gray area - usually I approve images if the girl has a slight contest tan and is off the stage, posing separately for the camera. Most during-contest pics I reject, as there's many free places to get those, and this doesn't need to be one of them. With the latter category (mature women), it's a tough choice, as it's likely that they appeal to older members but not to the younger audience. I approve them if they show good muscles without the extreme dehydration that you see on some older, contest-shape bodybuilders. Fortunately, this isn't a huge issue, since in the vast majority of the pictures getting uploaded the subjects are no more than 35-40 years old (and even younger most of the time).

Clearly, I will continue reject images of preteen girls, which would overall be a bad direction to head in.

I will do my best to no longer judge the girls based on facial beauty. This is something that I did a little of before the survey, but very few people seem to want this, and I realize my tastes are not the same as other people's.

7. What is a complaint you have about the site or how it's run? How do you feel the site could be improved? (Feel free to enter several complaints/suggestions if you have more)

1: Thanks!

2: The site already has quite a wide variety of physiques. The extremes on either end (not very muscular , vs. huge steroid-filled bodybuilder) seem to be attractive to only a small portion of the audience, and are probably not worth making everyone else shift through.

3: This would be an interesting discussion, and feel free to make a new thread about it (or email me, but I'd prefer it to be on the forums for other people's input). My short response is this: you are probably right that I can't tell for sure whether a bodybuilder has used steroids or not. However, if it plainly looks like she has, she probably looks masculine enough that most people on here wouldn't find her attractive anyway.

4: haha. Maybe they do.

5: I'm not into the business of censoring comments, as that tends to lead to more trouble than it's worth. I would only consider deleting a comment in extreme cases, and so far, I haven't had to do that. In fact, some of the crude comments are quite amusing  :D

6: cool

7: Good idea, and I'll add this feature in the near future. It should be very easy to code.

8: This is my favorite category as well, but there are only so many of these images that get uploaded. As long as the girl in the picture shows an appreciable amount of muscle, these pictures are a sure win.

9: I try  :P Sometimes I post videos in the forum and link to them from the front page; in this case, I linked to this thread.

10: Thanks!

11: There should be approximately daily updates now. Sometimes I might miss one due to actually having a life.

12: 1. Nothing I can do about people's rating choices. There is a system in place to prevent people from voting multiple times on an image, but it's not always perfect. Sorry- just take the ratings with a grain of salt. 2. Just ignore them.

13: I've been thinking about this, I will let people know if I need one.

14: Again, there should be more frequent updates now than when the survey was posted. If I ever find that I can't keep up with the updates due to personal life things, I will have a moderator. 2: More people than you'd think seem to like candid shots of bodybuilders, so those will continue to appear. However, you're right about the contest shots, and I do try to minimize those. As for hard-to-find things, the selection on the site is only as good as what's uploaded.

15: Thanks

16: It would be funny to know if any pictures on the site are actually men. haha.

17: Actually, such a comment might make someone more motivated to take the effort to post the person's name, or a link to more images. Most images don't have such a comment, anyway.

18: Again, the quality and amount of those images is only as good as what's uploaded.

19: I've not yet banned anyone. You certainly won't be banned for favoriting too many images. Chances are the site was down, which does happen sometimes. I like spontaneous images more as well, but I won't reject an image if it's good otherwise, but the model is posing.

20: There are other places to get morphs, and this won't be one of them. Enough people hate them that putting effort into separating them from the other pics somehow is not really worth my time.

21: cool

22: reposts: if you see one, there's a thread here on the forums where you can link to them and I'll delete one. Bad tags: if you see incorrect tags/names, you can change them yourself, on any image.

23: Should be more frequent now than when you left this comment

24: Yep!

25: See #22

8. What do you like about the site? What keeps you coming back?

Thanks to everyone who gave positive feedback! I'll keep these in mind and respond to a few here:

7: There are a few of these, but these pictures are so easy to find elsewhere that having many here isn't worth it, considering that most people don't like it.

8: Cool, thanks for visiting!  8)

Overall, the impression I get is that people like the comments and the variety of body types.

9. Do you have any specific suggestions for new features that could be added to the site in the future?

1: There's a video clips section here in the forums.

2: PMs are a great idea and I've wanted to do it for a while. The main reason there isn't already such a thing is that it would take a while to code and I haven't had the time. Perhaps sometime in the next few weeks. If you want to find pictures easily, favorite them, that way they'll always be there. By date posted isn't a bad idea, except that I was stupid and didn't keep track of the date for images posted approximately before 2009. To approximate the date posted, use the "jump to page" feature in the main image gallery... I might do something better in the future.

3: Not happening as no one can tell what was posted before somewhere else and what wasn't. Different images are new to different people.

4: Not a bad idea. Though I doubt there are too many L&C pics on the site, simply because they tend to not show off the girl's muscles too well.

5: Logistically very hard, if not impossible. For most girls, separate before/after pics don't exist. Devising a new way to put those before/after pics that do exist for the same girl is difficult and not worth it. If you want before/after pics, start a new thread in the forums with a few examples, and people might follow.

6: Cool, hope you enjoy!

7: Again, great idea, I'll implement this very soon

8: Check out images posted by biflexer and kristifigure.

9: I'm considering the video idea: some logistics of that are hard to work out, but it's a popular suggestion. For now, use the forums. As for the hits counter, it's possible and easy to do. The reason it doesn't exist right now is I was trying not to clutter the space below the images unnecessarily. But I guess another line won't be disastrous  :)

10: Thanks!

11: An interesting idea. I'll consider it, but it won't be a very high priority, as it would take significant effort and the site seems sufficiently easy to browse for most people as it is. Use the search and tag functions as substitutes for folders.

12: You can post on their profile page, and I'm really hoping to add a PM feature soon. Check back.

13: I'll try to fix this

14: Cool.

15: I stopped because making them was time-consuming and painstaking, and I have/had better things to do. Maybe if I'm really bored.

16: For now, post on the forums.

17: The selection of pics/videos is only as good/broad as what's uploaded and posted by members like you.

18: There's a section for glutes... try looking through that, I'm sure some of them are flexed. If you have a further interest, try starting a thread in the pictures section of the forums and give a few examples of what you like to see, and who knows, others might share your interest!

19: thanks!

20: use the forum's video section for now.

21: Both good ideas. I will implement them in the future.

22: Like the polls, this seems to take more effort to create than what's worth it. It's not a bad idea, however, and I might do it if I get very bored.

Again, thanks to everyone who took the survey, and feel free to discuss in this thread.  :) If you want to go into a deeper discussion about any particular topic, feel free to start a new thread.
Jun 03, 2009 - permalink
I love the site, but the picture-plus-comments format doesn't really encourage discussion.  I mean, how much can you say about one picture?  I think it's better to have the main part of the site (the part with all the pictures) be forum-based, with threads, sub-threads etc.
Jun 03, 2009 - permalink
Chainer, great job listening to your site's members, this is what will make this site thrive. Thanks for taking the time to do the survey, review it, and respond point by point. I see some of the suggestions already implemented......This is rare for web forums, especially free ones like this. Keep up the great work and I hope everyone spreads the word so this site's content gets even richer!
Jun 03, 2009 - permalink
I have a suggestion for how recently posted images are added.

I prefer images be added to the last page, not page 1. So each pages images never change.
So if i bookmark page 50, i can come back to where i left off and the images have not "shifted" due to new additions.
The gallery would default to the last page which are new images, and then previous pages would be going back in time.
Jun 14, 2009 - permalink
I guess I didn't get a survey, but I just looked ... there are 13,000+ images in the main gallery.  If you can't find pics in there to your liking, you have a problem.
Oct 11, 2009 - permalink
First of all - I'm impressed by the quality of questions and the analysis of the results.  Couple offhand comments:

1.  Steroid use - from my conversations with many FBB's this is the fact of the matter:  A professional FBB *uses steroids*  (and this goes for the males too), unless she is competing specifically in "natural" bodybuilding (which still allows copious use of supplements, but places limitations on them in terms of types and when they are taken).  So, for people to try to distinguish between obvious and non-obvious steroid use is somewhere between disingenuous or ignorant.  Some women perhaps take them in a more regulated manner, and some may take them like they're going out of style.  Some women's bodies react to them differently then others.  I agree that when masculinity of facial features occurs, it greatly detracts from the woman's overall appeal.  Some people I've spoken to, however, will readily "forgive" the facial changes associated with steroid use and favor women's endeavors to simply pack on as much heavy, veiny muscle as possible - and I understand that too, even though I am a big proponent of facial beauty.  What I'm saying is, you can't truly filter out steroid users, and probably wouldn't want to as some of our favorite ladies have partaken heavily in their use.  If you want to filter out women with less attractive faces, that's another story - but let's call it that instead.

2.  The great age debate:  Too Young, Too Old?
I've seen this issue arise time and again on similar message boards.  As a matter of legality, even the youngest pictures do not violate any laws, because they are not pornographic in nature, nor do they appeal to prurient interests whatsoever.  These pictures represent the novelty of the extremely rare and improbable.  Namely, an extremely young female - almost always a precocious gymnastics athlete - boasting a chiseled physique and bulging arms that are the envy of...well anyone who has ever wanted to get abs and impressive arms (so, the vast majority of guys I'd imagine?)  I agree it is grossly inappropriate for comments to be made regarding sexual desires or fantasies that refer to these images, but I think that posting the images themselves should unquestionably be allowed.  I also have some qualms about posting the younger girls' names on the site, as that could cause them to get stalked or the like - and that just wouldn't be cool and none of use would want to be responsible for that.  A potential solution, therefore, is to simply categorize these pics (via the moderators) and to disable comments, and possibly to disable putting the girl's name in.
Now, as for too OLD - this should be handled as in section 1 of this post - let's just base it on overall aesthetic appeal and facial beauty.  If she's 50 years old and looks 30, who cares??  If she's 40 and looks 25 - who cares??  Fitness and bodybuilding are nature's preservative in a sense.

Another idea would be to periodically review the images with the lowest scores and re-evaluate if they belong on the site.
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