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New "Your Site" section

Jul 17, 2012 - permalink
Recently, the forum has become somewhat cluttered with people overzealously posting links to their own sites. To solve this problem, I've split the former "Links" section into two forums, "Links" and "Your Site".

"Links" is now for posting cool things that you've found around the internet, such as Youtube videos, news articles, etc.

"Your Site" is for posting a link to a site that you own, or anything that you have a vested interest in linking to. If you post in that section, it has its own rules; make sure you read them first.

Also, to clarify any misunderstandings -- "Paysite Reviews" is (and always has been) for posting a review about someone else's paysite, not to plug your own site. (You can respond to a review someone else has posted of your site, though; just don't incessantly plug your site!)


Dec 02, 2014 - permalink
Thank you for this.
Now we can do some shameless plugs without feeling guilty
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