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@lpc888....not much, I mean she does it for me, but she was made fun of when she was younger for having big muscles. The guy was obviously just into it and didn’t want to admit it. But, yeah she just looks at a weight and grows. Really made to build muscle. I love it

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@lpc...damn you!! Now I have to try and talk Sasha into seeing me one last time.🥴 Feeling her biceps while intimate....oh God, such an erotic experience.

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Here is part of the first story of the anthology Sinews of History (proceeds go to charity)- The stories are in chronological order - the first is entitled The Last Neanderthal . Let me know if you'd like me to post more..

She cursed herself for not hearing the sound earlier. Even cloaked in depression, she should have been more aware. She grabbed the long spear and stood up, looking out the cave entrance just in time to see a solitary shadowy figure emerge from below her hilltop abode. It had been years since she’d last seen one; they’d found her.

Alys stood waiting. Waiting for others, waiting to be surrounded; waiting for her long-overdue demise. But no others came. The individual walked up to her and stopped half a stone’s throw away, staring. The crimson orange setting sun cast his long shadow deep into her cave, illuminating the clothes he wore and hiding his facial features. He was clad in a fur tunic that went over his shoulders and wrapped around his waist. Despite herself, Alys felt her loins stir, attracted to this single mysterious figure. It had been so long. But she had to be careful, the swarms of human invaders that had slowly encircled her kind. They were wily and numerous. The solitary figure was probably accompanied by others. This would likely be her end unless she managed to sneak by, parry him, and beat a hasty retreat, but she couldn’t get her body to move.

Idalto walked nearer to her and froze once more. He’d grown up with nursery rhymes and tall tales about giant humans that had occupied this peninsula generations ago and had traded with his people. They were aggressive and stupid but had vast, strong bodies that kept his people away from the southern peninsula. To the north of them lived their cousins who were shorter than they, but equally strong and aggressive. Nobody had heard of either of the groups in years. Following the great flood, the fear that had kept his people off the southern shores had waned. Idalto would join the scouting party. They shouldn’t have survived... they couldn’t have. But, as luck or fate would have it, one did...

Shown by the flickering light of the cave fire, he marveled at her magnificence. She was sparsely covered, in simple loins that hid her sex but nothing more. Idalto’s brain churned as he tried to understand what stood before him. She was a full half foot taller than him and everything about her seemed broad and burly. Flaming red, wild curly locks of hair cascaded down her back and framed her long face that seemed to thrust forward. She had heavy eyebrows, and a wide nose and mouth. Her broad, powerful shoulder held up an eight-foot wooden spear topped by a stone head as if it weighed nothing. She appeared defensive rather than threatening, which soothed Idalto because, woman or not, her physique suggested she would make quick work of him in a fight.

“Idalto...no hurt you.” He finally said trying to bridge any language divide by tapping his chest softly, shaking his head, and then pointing to her before lowering his spear.

“Alys,” she said, bringing her left arm in to tap her chest. Powerful pectoral muscles held her firm, bountiful breasts aloft as the brief movement highlighted her broad back and densely muscular arms. She took a deep breath and thrust her chest out further. Idalto’s marveling reached an even greater crescendo. It appeared to be an almost instinctive, primal response to the threat he posed. But his gaze was far from threatening. His pitch-black eyes glittered softly in the firelight as they tracked to the dark and swollen nipples which topped her muscular chest. Like two ripe berries waiting to be plucked, he longed to taste their sweetness. His manhood hardened and throbbed. It wouldn’t be long before she noticed.

His presence, even though he wasn’t of her kind, intrigued her. For two seasons she had labored on alone after the great wave killed the remaining people of their small village. She lived only for the moment, getting past the next obstacle... trying to survive.

After the disease that wiped out so many of her brethren and friends, families had moved farther apart. She and Thog had moved with their children, a daughter, and son, to the great stout cave, once reserved for nobility. There they had made a life together and when she dared to believe that things could return to the way they once had been, she saw the great wave. Grabbing her son with seconds to spare she positioned the two of them directly under the hole in the cavern, painstakingly dug for the smoke to depart. Thog’s instinct had been to rush out of the cave and toward the water and she watched him and her daughter perish seconds before the wave hit her and Gorsedd. As she suspected, they shot upward toward the fire hole in the cavern’s roof but Gorsedd hit the ceiling rather than shoot out the spout like a whale’s blowhole. She knew he died instantly. And with that last memory of her family, she had been alone with her tears ever since. The ever-present fire to keep the dark away had been her only companion since then, until now....until him.

His mind clouded, and he did something incredibly stupid: he bent down and laid his spear on the ground. Her eyes followed him, but her body remained motionless. The heavy spear, like a small tree held aloft by shoulders swollen with muscles so enormous they seemed almost unnatural, a caricature of a human being...something entirely different. Her entire frame was developed as such. Legs like tree trunks covered in lines of muscles like mighty rivers flowed across her thighs. Taut, powerful calves bigger than he’d ever seen, remained tensed like a great cat’s, ready to spring. Enormous abdominals heaved in and out with each of her deep breaths as her heart beat fast and she took in in the anxious moments.

The pull of fleeing was great and the opportunity to get out quickly was now presented by his gesture of peace, but her feet wouldn’t move. It was as if she was frozen in a vat of tree sap.

Open-handed he bowed beneath her, and she nodded in acceptance of the gesture, dropping her spear with respect for his submission. She would not run, but what now? As her eyes carried to the ground to seek a place to drop her spear she spied his loins. His cock was erect and throbbing, longing for her. She gave him a wan smile.

He began breathing hard, the simple smile accelerating his desires and hopes. He wanted her like none before. The feeling so sudden -- so primal. He watched as she turned, bent down, and lifted an enormous gray stone that reached nearly up to his waist. Upon its top, laid out neatly, were several carvings, tools, bones, and edible roots. Even lifting the heavy object, her grace, and the fluidity of her movement was astonishing. What he had heard about her people had to be a mistake. They weren’t clumsy, oafish, and ugly… rather, their strength was controlled and graceful.

She grunted with the effort and pulled the rock up over her head but kept it steady. The strength required for such a maneuver, he knew, was that of several great men. He trembled before her. With a simple heave, she could end him, but instead, she moved the stone up to rest on her thick shoulder, took several halting steps, and placed the great rock down gently further back in the cavern. Returning to where she had been, she rolled her simple bedding out further and gestured for him to join her.

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Her calves are insane!!

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Does it excite her to flex for you ..... My wife loves flexing for me especially during sex

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I’ll see what I can get

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Nice very Nice....... Love to see a Flexed bicep photo(s)

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I’m going to try to get some more recent pics cuz her biceps and triceps have blown up lately

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SuperBuff - Coming on Strong 2

For about a month Penny was coming over two or three times a week. Richard tried to make himself scarce when she was there. He found it hard to keep his cool the few times they interacted. He also sometimes noticed her checking him out. He could tell she was making weekly gains, and he upped his own training regimen, partly to look good to Penny, but also because he was worried, fascinated, and turned on by the fact that she might be getting, or already was, stronger than him. He had all but stopped masturbating, which was weird for him, but Penny’s appearance had turned his emotional life upside down.

He wondered just how old she was. Being on a team sport as a freshman at the local community college, Kristen had friends in a range of ages. Then, one evening, Rich found that Penny had left her purse in the hall bathroom. It looked like it had tipped over and some of the contents had spilled out. Most importantly to him, he saw her wallet laying half out of it. He mostly liked to use his own bathroom, since the hall bathroom was Kristen’s domain. He looked up and down the hall, then stepped in smoothly, closed the door, and locked it. The bathroom blinds were open, which was unusual because, although the windows were frosted, Kristen always kept the blinds shut. He slowly pulled the wallet out, and opened it – she had just turned eighteen. Rich let out an audible sigh of relief.

Penny stood just outside the gym door, watching the house. She saw the lights go on in the bathroom window.

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My wife isn’t necessarily stronger than me since I’m pretty strong, but she is stronger than most guys I know. She’s an athlete, 5’9”, about 160, and does lift but not to her potential. She’s always been extremely muscular even when she was little she had huge arms, naturally wide shoulders, and even just had a slightly deeper voice and thicker jaw for a girl. She literally has the biggest calves I’ve ever seen without any training. People have told her in the past she should be a bodybuilder. Right now she’s a college lacrosse coach and is about to get her personal training certification so maybe that’ll push her even more. There was a time a couple years ago where we were fooling around in bed and I was rubbing her legs and kissing her feet and I started pushing on her legs. Well she decided to push back and Neither of us realized how strong she was. I literally flew off the bed and into the wall. I was so turned on at that point.

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Nice start. More please!

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My wife wrote her first independent novella which is currently available on Smashwords, Apple books, & Amazon, entitled Old Wounds, New Scars: A FMG Story. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1063238 In the past she has worked with me on Muscle Love and Iron Beauties.

Here is a little sample

“Do you like my muscles, Mr. Marks?” The sandy-haired teen asked, with a look of consternation.

There was a pause and then the answer that ended my career. “Yes.”

But that’s not how the conversation happened. Not really. But there I was watching a video that my principal had sent me trying to explain my actions. My look of confusion on the recorded Zoom video when watching Heather flexing her generous muscles didn’t seem to surprise the administration. Together we watched as she pranced on the screen in her white spaghetti strap top, her luscious swollen ripe dark nipples straining through the thin cotton.

“What about my pecs? Do you like my pecs?” She grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled down the soft material. Great ridges of the prolific muscles cleaved as she flexed her chest muscles.

“Yes, I like your pecs. Show them to me.”

The film cut off at that point with me protesting, “But that’s not what happened.”

“Yes, Bill, we know.” The Assistant Superintendent of HR, Gloria Moore, a stern lady with a seemingly permanent upturned grin, even when delivering the news of one’s career-ending folly, replied.

“Then why are you showing me this?”

“Because it doesn’t look good and even though we’ve confirmed that this video has been edited the family is threatening to release it if we don’t give in to their terms.”

“But it didn’t happen that way and you know it, so why are you confronting me?”

“I understand your frustration, and you’re a great teacher so we’d like to keep you, but if I were you I’d accept the termination agreement.” “But the union.”

“The union already agreed. They honestly fought hard for you and got you a pretty nice golden handshake. Retirement package at fifty with time served. It’s like you got a ten-year bonus.”

“But, I don’t want to retire. It’s not like I’m some dot com guy. I can’t explain retiring at 50.”

“Look at this as an opportunity to do something else.” And that was it. In defeat, I signed the papers, but that wasn’t the last time I’d watch the video. I’d watched my termination video many times since with regret and a bit of lust. The young eighteen-year-old blonde, Heather Quick, had entrapped me on a school Zoom after class during the pandemic angling for a higher grade. It was unsettling at the time, but seemingly harmless. To this day I remember both versions as truth. In my version -- reality, Heather, an athletic volleyball player who’d been on my team, was asking me about lifting.

“Do you like my muscles, Mr. Marks?”

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Interesting indeed. My wife is working on it and I hope she'll get there someday.

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Penny For Your Thoughts

Kristen came home from school with a new friend, who she introduced as “Penny.”

“It’s short for Penelope,” she added, with a grin. Penny gave her a look, she didn't like for people to use her whole name. Kristen teased more than she should sometimes. “Penny, this is my dad, Richard. Some people call him Dick, but he doesn’t like that.” It was her dad’s turn to give Kristen a look.

He said, “Hello,” and shook her hand. Some of Kristen’s female friends thought it was weird that he shook hands when he met them. He could always tell, because when they shook, they sometimes gave him the dead-fish grip. But, Penny was matter-of-fact about it, and even gave his hand a good squeeze. She had a strong grip.

“Hey, dad, can we use your gym?” asked Kristen. Rich had converted an old shed in the backyard into a gym for himself. He had been in sports since elementary school, was an amateur bodybuilder, had won some contests, and had even considered turning pro. Kristen was athletic in her own way, being in dance since elementary school, but showed little interest in his gym. He had offered to let her use it whenever she wanted, just to be nice, but he was glad that he always had it to himself. He liked to get really stoned and workout. When he got a good pump on, he would masturbate. His pumped up muscles along with the pot gave him an all-over body high, and he had erections like he hadn’t felt since when he was a horny teenager.

As they walked away, he overheard Penny say, “Your dad’s kinda hot.”

“Ew,” replied Kristen.

This made Richard curious, so after a while he decided to go out to the gym with the excuse that he would remind the girls to put the weights back in their proper place when they were done with them. He put his hand on the door, but froze when he looked through the window. Both Kristen and Penny had taken off their dance squad sweatsuits and were in matching shorts and sports bras. Kristen looked like an ordinarily athletic teenage girl, but Penny – Penny was jacked. There were a lot of girls with muscular legs on Kristen’s dance team (and Rich noticed all of them), but Penny was built like the kind of bodybuilder and cross-fit girls he liked to stroke-off to. And, while Kristen’s abs were lean, Penny had an obvious six-pack. What impressed him most, though, was her upper body. She had highly developed shoulders, chest and arms. And, she was all of 5-foot-nothing. She was laying on the weight bench doing presses with 70 lbs dumbbells. He heard Kristen exclaim, “You’re stronger than my dad!”

He immediately walked away. He had always been into fitness and bodybuilder types, and when he first met his wife, Kate, she had been into fitness too, but stopped after Kristen was born, and then gained weight. Richard didn’t mind chubby, but she had pushed it past where she had lost a lot of her physical attraction. Penny was on another level, though. An elite type of body like he had never seen on such a young girl. It had jolted him like a shot of adrenaline. Every time he blinked he saw her sweet young face on her muscular body.

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Very nice

Jan 05, 2021 - context

Great story ....more pictures please

Jan 05, 2021 - context

hahaha nice collection

Jan 05, 2021 - context

its always nice to read real stories.

Jan 05, 2021 - context

Amazing history. Good job

Jan 04, 2021 - context

Good start. Nice tempo. I would love to hear what happens next.

Jan 03, 2021 - context

Interesting topic!

Jan 01, 2021 - context

I should clarify, that all of these stories are true. Here are the married couple comparing arm muscles (she's in white, he's in blue):

Dec 28, 2020 - context
Dec 23, 2020 - context
Thank you. Since then Jak and I teamed up on
Sinews of History (100% of proceeds to charity) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1057457

and I wrote
Christmas Wish: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1060518
Christmas Gift: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1060288
Christmas Rendezvous: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1060332
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