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Sep 27, 2009 - context
Hi Chainer,
Not sure if this is really a bug, but one of Biflexer's pictures is really
getting spammed like crazy in the comments section. See
I wonder how they're getting past the security code?
Sep 27, 2009 - context
she  does nopt have a site of her own,  but go to bettey biceps  and see all of her pics and videos
Sep 27, 2009 - context
Just wondering...what is Biflexer's home site?
Sep 26, 2009 - context
you are awesome and incredible
you are strong not just physically but emotionally
Sep 25, 2009 - context
I agree. I donøt understand this site. I come there because of the stories - which is free. But I don't understand who is paying for that site so they can sponsor a lot of women.

And I don't understand who is the webmaster of the page. I think it's a guy from UK, but it seems odd that a gyu who likes FBB never has been in some forums telling about the site.
Sep 25, 2009 - context
Love the way your bicep can touch your forearm!
Sep 25, 2009 - context
I sure don't see a "girl" there. Just a woman with a great arm! :D
Sep 25, 2009 - context
Sep 25, 2009 - context
That pic was really detailed...how's this one?

Sep 25, 2009 - context
Too many bodybuilders & fitness chicks to be labeled "girls" with muscle..Not to mention SCAMMERS!!!!,ya want some real muscle?...look no further than right here......

Sep 24, 2009 - context
The way they made it sound, guys would turn them down for dates left and right because the girls muscles were bigger than the prospective date's were.

Man.  Where are these chicks hiding out at?  I would have NO problem with that.  I can't even find one chick like that anywhere near me...
Sep 24, 2009 - context
Great continuation! You've a real knack for all the right details to keep the story moving. Hated to see that coming there at the last, but hopefully things will turn around ;)
Sep 23, 2009 - context
I woke in the morning with the sun streaming through the window.  Evidence of last night's escapades littered the room.  Kathy's black dress was carelessly draped over the back of a chair, shoes and underwear were scattered on the floor.  Her towel still lay over by the window and the bed sheets had some incriminating stains.  I began stroking her smooth, tanned back.  Even as relaxed as she was I was easily able to trace the outline of her shoulder and back muscles with the tips of my fingers.  Kathy was lying on her front with a large flap of brown hair covering her face.  This was a person who was going to be very hungover when she woke up, and almost immediately she obliged.  Her eyes slightly opened and she took a deep breath,
"Morning baby." she croaked.
"How you feeling?" I asked her.
"My head hurts." she replied, pushing the hair away from her face.
She rolled over away from me and hid her face in the pillows, I went back to stroking her back with one hand and switched on the TV.  We had all day.
When Kathy had slept off the effects of the night before we left our room and spent a lot of time in and around the pool.  We spent the entire day just relaxing.  I don't think the smile left her face for a moment no doubt she was enjoying the break from her relentless schedule of work and training.  I was enjoying it too.  Spending the weekend in the company of such an amazing looking girl was not exactly difficult, and she was looking unbelievable in her yellow bikini.  So many of the other guests were lounging by the pool and making no effort to cover up their flabby, pale bodies.  Then you had Kathy just sitting there, body as tight as a drum.  Her every small movement causing visible motion of any number of small muscles under her skin.  Beautifully tanned and amazingly toned the drops of water on her skin glinted in the sun, and every time she lifted her glass to her lips her bicep would just swell up enough to catch the eye.  She noticed me staring aand poked me in the ribs,
"Perv." she laughed.
Later in the day as the sun began to set we went for a walk along the beach.  We sat together and watched the sun go down, just making small talk and enjoying each others company.  As the sun gradually slipped from view a slight chill hit the air and a slight breeze sprang up.
"Let's go back inside." Kathy said. "I've got something to show you."
During the walk back to our room I enquired as to what I was to be shown but without any success.  Kathy was keeping it to herself but she had a playful spring in her step and a grin on her face so I was guessing she had something fun in store for me.  As I unlocked the door to our room Kathy told me to strip and lie on the bed, needless to say I liked where this was going.
She disappeared into the bathroom and by the time she had returned I was naked on the bed as I had been asked.  She had removed the laces from her sneakers and began to tie one around the bed post.
"Give me your hand." she said and began tying me to the bed posts by my wrists.
"This is where you rob me right?" I joked.
"Not yet." she laughed. "I always thought you were just being nice to me when you told me you found my muscles sexy, sort of making me feel ok about training hard to do the best I could.  But you've been eyeing me up and down all weekend and all I have to do is pick up a drink and your eye is straight on my arm."
"Guilty as charged." I replied.
"Well now you're gonna get a show."
She stood up and stripped off, standing in front of me naked she closed the curtains and set the lights to dim.  She went to her bag and picked up a bottle of massage oil and began oiling her body all over.  She squeezed it onto her chest and rubbed it into her breasts and down the ridges and sinews of her cut stomach.  Another squirt into her hands and she rubbed carefully and deliberately over each arm, caressing each bicep slowly.  She took her time as she sexily applied the oil to the rest of her body, finally squeezing some down her back and rubbing it in as best she could.  She then approached the bed, the oil on her skin accentuating every fibre of muscle rippling under her skin.  She raised her arm right in front of my face, a matter of inches from my nose.  She then bent her arm and flexed it.
"What do you think of that?" she asked.
I was transfixed as her bicep swelled under her skin, the large vein running over the top and a nice separation down the middle.
"Look how defined it is." She was clearly enjoying the attention.  "And when I flex it harder..."
Her whole arm got tighter as she flexed it super hard.  Her arm shook with the effort as her skin seemed to suck in tight around the muscle, showing a web of smaller veins sprouting out from somewhere under it.  Of course everything was brought into sharp focus by the slippery sheen of oil covering her skin.  She relaxed and extended her arm before bending and extending a few times, nice and slow.  She flexed again and turned her wrist around, making her bicep dance on her arm.  She flexed again hard, arm shaking and a small grunt from the effort.  Her arm was so close to my face I could almost lick it, that muscle looking like it was about to burst through her skin.
She switched to her other arm and began bending and extending it before beginning to flex and relax it with her arm bent.  She repeatedly tightened and releaed her arm, the lump rising into a tight, defined mound of muscle before sinking back to a smaller bulge.  Over and over she did it and it was driving me crazy.
"Enjoying yourself?' she asked, despite the fact by this stage I had a boner like never before.
She pulled away from me slightly and cranked a big double bicep flex.
"Look at them." she almost whispered.
I was.  Her oily arms swelling with hard, defined muscle.
"All the hard training that went into them." she continued.  "All the reps....all the sweat...the pain....ooooh it hurts so much..."
She placed her hands together in front of her breasts and squeezed in, flexing her chest muscles hard.
"Oooffff!" she breathed out long and hard, straining her chest harder.
Previously unseen stirations rose out of her chest.  She squeezed them hard again and again, grunting with the effort before she turned away from me.  Raising her arms once again in a hard double bicep flex her back exploded in a symmetrical maze of muscles.  She held it for nearly a full minute, arms shaking she was trying to force every single sinew into showing itself.  She was trying to keep her grunts of effort inaudible but she was straining so hard a few snatched breaths snuck out.  She finally released her arms and stood up and faced me once again.  Her fingers caressed her abs, up and down slowly tracing the ridges down each side of her pronounced six-pack.
"Look at these." she cooed. "I work them so hard....I can do crunches for hours....they're so strong...and hard."
She tapped them with her knuckle.  Then she put her hands up behind her neck and flexed her abs hard.  Every curve and contour of her midsection became a hard and defined edge and tiny little muscles stood up and became visible.  She twisted from side to side to show off the obliques before straightening up and squeezing them even harder.  I wanted nothing more than to rip off these stupid laces around my wrists, slam her down and fuck her stupid but I had to make do with watching.  She had teased me so much, it was time for her to suffer a little.
"Squeeze em harder baby." I told her.
She strained her abs as hard as she could.  The strain was showing on her face.
"Keep it up, you look unbelievable."
She was straining hard but didn't want to let me down, her muscles must have been burning like mad but she was never one to show weakness.  I made her hold the flex for another two minutes before I finally told her she could rest.  She had hurt, but was still determined to keep the show going.  She got onto the bed and positioned herself over me.  On her hands and knees she straddled me with her breasts right in line with my face, and her pussy achingly to far up for me to just jam my cock in her.  Then to my surprise she raised her knees and got onto her toes, as if doing a push up.  She lowered herself until her breasts squished down onto my face, and then pushed back up.  She continued to do push ups over me.  Up and down, over and over she went.  Slow and deliberate.  Her chest muscles flexed on the way up, and her oily breasts squeezed into me as she came down.  Of course she was doing it easy, but couldn't avoid putting on a show.  Every rep she groaned a long, exaggerated and sexy groan.  She panted and breathed hard while saying things like, 'ouch' and 'I'm working so hard.'
I was nearly bursting watching her and could not take her teasing anymore.  As if she sensed this, she sat up and grabbed hold of my bulging cock and slipped it inside her.  She began grinding up and down on me, but then stopped suddenly.
"You thought the teasing was over?" she grinned at me.
She leaned forward again and lay on me, kissing my neck.  Her slippery, rock hard body sliding against mine.  This was more than I could take.  I pulled hard against the laces holding my wrists against the bed.  I couldn't break them.
"Aw..." she laughed. "Not strong enough.  Maybe I can help."
She hooked her fingers under the laces and pulled on them in a bicep curl motion.  Her bicep swelled with the strain as she pulled harder and harder on the lace.  She pulled and pulled and her fingers were turning purple where the laces were digging into them.  She relaxed for half a second to take another breath and attack with renewed vigour.  Her bicep stood out sharply against her arm and the harder she pulled a nice split down the centre of her muscle.  Her arm was shaking with the strain and I hadn't noticed she had pulled the lace far enough for me to slip my wrist out.  I quickly did and put my arm around her, pulling her to me and kissing her hard.
"Let me undo the other one." she panted.
As soon as my other hand was free I sat up and slammed her down onto the bed.
"Woah someone's keen!" she exclaimed.
"Now you're gonna cop it!" I said back, thrusting into her.
I fucked her hard for who knows how long.  She was screaming with intense pleasure and thrusting hard back into me.  She pulled me close and wrapped her legs around me as I squeezed her breast in my hand with my other hand supporting her back.  The soft, wet breast in one hand was such a massive contrast to the almost steel hardness of her back muscles in the other.  Her legs were wrapped around me so tight as I continued to fuck her, faster and faster until we both paused, her body shook, and with a little wimper we were done.
"I should tease you more often." she panted as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.
I smiled at her and held her close, not needing to say anything.  We fell asleep holding each other.  Fair to say things were going pretty well.

When I woke the next morning the bad was empty.  I looked across the room and Kathy was busy packing.  The realisation dawned on my blurry mind with disappointment that today we had to leave, Kathy saw me waking and walked over to me.
"Morning sexy." she smiled and kissed me before going back to her packing.
All too soon we were being packed into the car and driving away, away from probably the best weekend of my life.  We filled the time with pointless conversation, listening to music and generally enjoying each other's company as the miles ticked by.  Conversation turned to what we had planned for the rest of the week when she asked the question I didn't want to deal with for a while yet.
"So how did that uni assignment turn out?  The one you interviewed me for?"
"Ah.. fine." I stammered.
I stopped myself.  I was getting to really like this girl and I didn't want to have to lie to cover a lie for the rest of the relationship.  I knew it was going to come up sooner or later but I just didn't want to deal with it now, I had no idea how she might react.  Still, the question had been asked and the longer I let it go on the worse it was going to get,
"I gotta level with you Kathy.  I'm not going to uni."
A short pause.
"So... why did you tell me you did?" she asked tensely.
"When I saw you running and you stopped near me I had to come up with something so I could talk to you.  That's the best I could do on the spot."
"Ever tried hello?" she was getting mad.  "And if I remember right we were already speaking, you used that lie to get into my house."
"Sorry but I just had to see you again, if I had let you jog away I would have probably never got the chance to speak to you again.  Tell me you would have shown the slightest bit of interest in seeing me again had I not said what I said."
"Don't even try to defend it you prick." she was really pissed off now.  "You tricked you're way into my home so you could fuck me basically.  Everything I thought I knew about you and our whole relationship has been built on a lie.  I mean, we started off on a lie!  I let you into my life and into almost every aspect of my life and... I'm just lost for words."
"Tell me you didn't like anything about me.  Tell me now everything you ever liked about me stemmed from me being a uni student.  You didn't like me for me?  That's what it seems like with this being such a big deal."
"Everything I knew about you stemmed from the day I met you, and that's what you told me that day.  Don't talk to me anymore." she went silent.
Seems to be something every guy learns in his own time.  If you have something a bit dicey to tell a girl and there's a chance she'll get mad, don't tell her when there is still a fair amount of the trip remaining.  The tension of a silent treatment in a car is brutal because there is no getting away from the ball of rage stewing next to you.  The rest of the trip was spent in this uncomfortable silence until we arrived back at her place.  I grabbed her suitcase and followed her to her door.  She stopped at the door and took her bag from me, she had tears in her eyes.
"Look I need some time on my own, don't call me." she went inside and locked her door.
Sep 23, 2009 - context
I made my way to the bar and ordered a beer.  Football was on a small screen above the bar and I made a bit of small talk with the bartender.  My team was winning, could life get any better?  It could.  I got a tap on the shoulder and turned around.  There was Kathy in the hottest body hugging black dress I've ever seen.  It was strapless and her brown hair hung down on her bare shoulders.  Her toned arms and sexy defined legs made the whole image all the more enticing.  I gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek.
"Wow." I said. "You look incredible, smell fantastic as well what is that?"
"Don't sound so surprised," she giggled, "I don't have to smell like sweat all the time you know.  Lets go."
We went into the restaurant and sat down.  We ordered almost immediately and made small talk until the meals arrived.  I still couldn't believe I had this incredible woman across the table from me.
"Isn't this great?" she asked me. "I don't ever get to do things like this, I can barely remember my last drink.  Any time I go away for the weekend I have to be good because I'm either there for a race or have one coming up, it's so good just to relax and enjoy myself."
I wasn't really listening I was still preoccupied with my incredible luck.
"Kathy let me ask you something, "I paused to organise my thoughts. "How is it a woman as beautiful and sexy as you, with that smile and those eyes and the abilty to talk about anything and everything, how are you single?"
She blushed a little. "Believe it or not I've been on my own for quite a while.  At first I thought guys just don't like really athletic women but it's not like I look like a man.  I'm not the incredible hulk." She continued. "Then I figured out I never went out to bars or anything to meet anyone so I shouldn't be surprised.  The only guys I knew were from triathlons and sports and that sort of thing."
"And you never dated them?"
"Yeah, some.  But they are all just obsessed with themselves.  If you have a good result and they have a bad one they get all defensive.  They'll never support you, it's always about them." she answered.
"You ever see yourself with a regular guy like me?"
"I've wanted a regular guy.  But like I said I didn't exactly have the opportunity to meet anyone and still I don't think it makes a guy feel so great when their girlfriend can run thirty miles and they can barely do five." she grinned.
"Oooh that hurts," I winced in mock pain.
"I don't mean you!" she laughed. "Plus, you've worn me out a couple of times..."
"Yeah it's kind of easy when you workout and I watch."
"That's not what I meant." she ran her foot up my leg. "But what's with the sudden interest in my love history?"
"It's just whenever I meet a great girl I usually find some dickhead boyfriend on the scene.  Now it's my turn to be the dickhead..." I laughed.
"Well what about you?" she asked. "You do everything for me, you go out of your way to support me and make me happy.  You make me feel like a goddess, it's like you think everything about me is perfect.  How does a guy who can do that become available for a second?"
"Firstly, admit you're a little tipsy.  Secondly you make me that way."
"Well, maybe a little." she giggled. "Like I said I never drink much."
We finished up our meal and were just sipping the last of our champagne, she was making eyes at me across the table and rubbing my leg with her foot.  As she emptied the last drops out of her glass her bicep swelled slightly with the bending of her arm.  She spotted me looking.
"You really like these don't you?" she said, rubbing her arm.
I looked straight into her eyes, "You look amazing in that dress."
She rolled her eyes, "Let's go."
As we walked out of the restaurant area we could already hear the rhythmic thumping of the bass from the pool bar turned nightclub.  As we walked in I was surprised how well they had decked the place out.  Laser lights on the ceiling and huge speakers next to the dj's table that was set up opposite the bar.  The place had just started to fill up and we found a gap at the bar almost immediately.  Kathy held me by the waist and danced behind me as I ordered the drinks, I turned around and handed her a vodka sunrise.
"Let's dance!" she shouted.
We headed to the rapidly filling dance floor and danced for ages.  Either she was drunk or really horny, possibly a combination of both.  She put her hands up in the air, she got low and did anything else the music told her.  She rubbed up against me hard and there was more than one set of eyes on her as she made some of the sexiest moves I've ever seen.  I couldn't believe her energy and I was determined not to be the one to demand a break but eventually I caved, I needed another drink anyway.  She came after me and put her arm around me, I tried to squeeze her ass but should have known better.  That thing was hard, I'd have better luck squeezing a bowling ball.  We went up to the bar for another round when a guy came up next to us.  At first I didn't recognise him but then it clicked, he was in that group of teenagers that was at the pool.
"Hey how's it goin!" He shouted, "From the pool.  My mate tried to chat up your girl."
"Yeah I remember."
"Sorry about that we all dared him to do it.  This round's on us ok?  Come over and meet the guys."
He paid for the drinks and we went over to the corner they all occupied.  Turns out the guys were in a band together and had won a band competition and had decided to splash the money on a big weekend.  The guy who paid for the drinks was obviously the unofficial leader of the group and made the introductions.  He apologised again and began to explain the story.
"So we're all pissed at the pool when you and your chick walk in.."
"Her name's Kathy by the way."
"Sorry, you and Kathy walk in.  Young Nathan over here.... his jaw hits the floor."
All the guys cheered and punched the rapidly reddening kid who approached Kathy at the pool.
"So anyway he can't take his eyes of her and we're telling him, 'go over and talk to her.'  He's shitting himself coz he sees her with you and Dave's saying, 'she'll snap you in half mate.'  In the end we all put up ten bucks to make him go over and say hi."
"Ok!" Kathy piped up, "No need to embarass the poor guy anymore."
"What was his pick up line?" the newly introduced Dave asked.
"I asked her if she worked out." said a sheepish Nathan.
"SMOOOOOTH!!" they all yelled together.
"Aw leave him alone he's cute!" Kathy slurred.
She got up and squeezed in between the guys and put her arm around Nathan.  Poor kid looked like he was about to die or cream himself, one of the two.
"So you an athlete or what?" Another one chimed in.  "Put your arm up."
They put their arms next to each other and flexed, Kathy's was just as big and more defined.
"WHOAH!" they all yelled in unison.
"Damn!" another one shouted.
"Someone takes her vitamins".  Dave said.
They were all a cool bunch of guys really and we stayed talking to them for a while.  Kathy was obviously enjoying herself and it wasn't long before we all hit the dance floor again, drinks in hand.  The next few hours became a blur of music, lights and dancing.  Kathy was worse off, spilling her whole drink half on me and half on the floor at one point.  Soon the time came to go so we said goodbye to the band, at least to the two guys who hadn't picked up yet.  Kathy was quiet all the way back to our room and collapsed on the bed the moment we walked through the door.  I walked over to the window and looked out over the water, then turned around when I heard the sound of running water.  Kathy was bent over in that short dress of hers, running the water into the spa.
"We have got to try this thing out." she said invitingly.
I went over to the mini-bar and cracked open a bourbon and cola.  When I turned around Kathy was naked and sitting on the edge of the spa, waiting for it to fill and staring at me.  When the spa was full she carefully lowered herself into the hot water.  Her triceps and shoulders rippling as they supported her weight down into the tub.
"Aren't you coming in?" she beckoned me seductively.
She didn't have to ask me twice.  I stripped off and turned the bubbles on, Kathy leaned back and moaned.
"That feels so nice."
She grabbed her wet hair and pulled it back behind her head, sending her biceps bouncing around on the top of her arms.  She caught me looking again.
"You love it don't you?" she said.
"Well you sure do look good." I replied.
"I'm loving it, I have never been in such good shape in an off season before.  Check it out."
With that she flexed her bicep hard.  It swelled up underneath her wet skin, and squeezed it with her other hand.
"Look at that definition!" she flexed again, "raaaar!" she winked at me.
"You look amazing." I said, sliding towards her.
"Feel that." she grabbed my hand at put it on her bicep.  "You did that to me.  You and your cruel workouts."
"Hey you asked me."
"No complaints here." she flexed again. "Plus you've never really pushed me anyway."
"Oh ok I guess 'please, please let it be over' is your way of saying you enjoy it huh?"
"Yeah well I know you enjoy punishing me, gotta make it look real." she kissed me. "Hey check these out!"
She sat up on the edge of the spa.
"Check out the six pack." she lifted up her breasts. "I wasn't this ripped when you met me was I?"
"Don't think so, flex em."
She flexed her abs and it was like everything was brought into sharp focus.  Her whole midsection tightened and her six pack suddenly sharpened until I could see every tiny detail of her chiseled stomach.  She twisted from side to side and her obliques rippled in high definition.  Tiny muscles I never knew existed became visible and rippled and flicked with her every movement.  I was breathless.
"God you look good." I almost whispered.
"Well it's thanks to you," she smiled, "wanna touch em?"
She slid back into the water and leaned right back, still tensing her abs.  I ran my fingers along the two cuts along the sides of her six pack, I traced the lines around each of the six separate mounds and ran my hands right up under her breasts.  She sat up and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling herself close to me.  I put my arms around her and she put her arms around behind my neck and kissed me hard.  She began grinding up and down on me in the water and my raging boner grew almost to bursting point.
"I want you right now." I whispered in her ear.
She kissed me again then lifted herself up and onto my cock, then began grinding hard on me.  I ran my hands down her sides and grabbed hold of her obliques, she leaned back as I moved her back and forth along my cock.  I felt her abs tense beneath my fingertips and she lifted both her legs up onto my shoulders, leaning her head right back on the rim of the spa.  She closed her eyes and started taking short, sharp breaths.
"Ohhh god!" she hissed. "Ahh I've been wanting you all day!"
We continued like this for a while before she swung her legs off of me.
"Come here!"
She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her.
"Fuck my brains out..." she gasped in my ear.
I fucked her hard but the motion sturred up the water into waves and soon it was sloshing from one end of the spa to another, and it began to roll over her head every two or three seconds.  When the wave went to the other end I pulled her head up.
"Let's hit the bed." I smiled at her.
I pulled out of her and almost dragged her to the bed.  I threw her down on the mattress and pushed her knees apart, I couldn't wait to get back in there.
"Hang on, hang on," she said.  "Like this."
She rolled over and got up on all fours, her perfect rock of an ass facing me.
"Fuck me like a dog." she demanded.
She didn't have to tell me twice.  I entered her from behind, all the time telling myself to make sure I hit the right hole.  She lowered her head to the bed, her torso looking like she was in the low part of a pushup.  Her back muscles flexed sexily and two hard ridges of muscle ran down each side of her spine.  Every sense in my body was screaming at me to nail the bitch and I did.  No tenderness or romance here, just hard and rough sex.  It obviously agreed with her as she was gasping and didn't look like she could make up her mind what position felt the best.  First she pushed up, then grabbed the headboard, then she arched her whole back upwards and then down before thrusting her head back into the mattress and stretching her arms right out to her sides, fists clenched hard.  Of course every time she moved her back would move and change shape, the dance of her muscles driving me crazy and driving me to fuck her even harder.  Soon she started to scream.  A scream not totally removed from the one heard some days earlier, straining under a heavy bar at the gym.  But this was repetitive and urgent, she grabbed the headboard again.
"Bite on this."  I puffed as I pushed a pillow under her face. "You'll have security in here."
Her arms flexed hard as she pushed her face tight into the pillow.  She was still screaming but it was at least muffled now, I grabbed hold of her waist and repeatedly rammed her body towards me while I thrusted forward hard.  She looked so amazing with some tiny beads, almost a mist of sweat forming on her back.  After several more minutes of hard fucking I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, her toned torso writhing in my hands, the sexy dance of her back muscles and her short and sharp screams were giving me more pleasure than I could take.  As I came I forced myself into her hard.  At this moment she let out a long gasp and arched her whole back.  Her hands gripped the bed tight as she sighed long and loud, before falling flat on the bed and rolling over to face me.
"That was unreal." she grinned, wiping a slight sweat from her forehead.
"You're telling me." I smiled back, still catching my breath.
I went to the bathroom and when I came back Kathy was standing by the window with the towel around her, looking out over the ocean.  I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist, my hands resting on her stomach.  I kissed her on the neck and turned my attention to the ocean, calm and lapping against the shore.
"I'm really glad I met you." I said to her.
She turned around and kissed me, long and hard.  Her towel fell to the floor and I put my hand on her ass, pulling her to me close.
"You make me feel so amazing." she looked deep into my eyes. "It's like you love everything about me."
"Well I promise I'll look for something to hate," I ran my hand up her side and onto her breast, "but it might take a lot of detailed investigation..."
I kissed her again and she kissed me back.
"Come to bed." she whispered in my ear. "We get to do all this again tomorrow."
Sep 23, 2009 - context
A few days later I was driving down the long coastal road to my work.  It was mid-afternoon and I was starting my shift about an hour earlier than usual as my assistant who usually ran things during the quieter morning-midday periods had decided she was sick and needed to leave.  I was annoyed because it was obvious to everyone with eyes she just wanted to go home but I had to go in and that was the end of it.  The speed limit was so slow I had plenty of time to look out over the water, there was some rain over the ocean that would be with us before the sun went down.  As I drive along my eyes caught the sight of a certain fit butt in little tight pink shorts jogging down the footpath.  I gave a beep on the horn and she turned around, and then signalled me to stop.  I pulled over and she came up to the car, just panting a little.
"I'd know that sexy ass anywhere!"  I said to her.
"How's it going?" she replied. "You about to start work?"
"Yeah.  You working out for a change?"
"Ha you're real funny." she said sarcastically.  "Come round my place when you finish.  I've got a surprise for you."
So as you can imagine I had a bit of trouble focusing on work that evening.  I had all these images of Kathy running through my mind.  What did she have in store?  When I finished up that night I raced around to her place, half expecting her to answer the door in a tight leather outfit, whip in hand.  So I was a little disappointed to see her just wearing a t-shirt and tracksuit pants as she invited me in.
"Sit down I'll just go and grab them." she said.
She returned with a small brochure in her hand.
"You know I won a little bit of prizemoney for that last triathlon I did?" she asked.
"I didn't really think of it."  I told her honestly.
"Well I did." she continued.  "So I'm going here."
She handed me the brochure and it was to a holiday resort.
"All the rooms have spas, there are about five bars, a pool.... a gym." she went on as she turned the pages.
"Nice." I said.  "You must have gotten a nice little payout."
"Well I had some saved as well.  But the best news is the room I have booked has a king size bed and I'm too small to fill it on my own..." she went on.
"Shit!  You want me to come with you?  That's awesome!"  I was quite pleased.
"Well you've done so much for me." she said, "Think of this as me showing my appreciation."
I put my arms around her and kissed her.
"When are we leaving?"
"It's this weekend." she grinned.

Not for the first time recently, I found myself counting down days.  The resort was only about half a days' drive away, not the kind of thing we'd have to book flights to.  We left early in the morning and settled in for the long drive.  We spoke almost the entire way.  I realised in so many ways we were still getting to know each other and conversation with her was so relaxed and easy.  I drove most of the way with my hand on her thigh, just stroking her.  A couple of times I let my fingers stray a little close to where it would get very ticklish but as she was wearing jeans my gestures would remain just that.  Of course whenever I did this she would retaliate by grabbing my balls and a couple of times it caused me to swerve so we decided to rein in our urges until we arrived.
On arriving the first thing that struck me was the size of the place.  It was huge.  A large white building with pillars at the front where a valet was waiting for my keys.  I had never used valet parking before and I had always pictured my first valet experience being something a little more inspiring than handing over the keys to a 1995 Mitsubishi but I wasn't complaining.  Inside our bags were immediately taken and we were lead to our room.  The place reeked of dollars.  Large expanses of glass was a recurring theme throughout the ultra modern building, but this was nothing compared to our room, or should I say suite.
The first thing that I noticed was a large spa bath on a raised landing to the right, a mini-bar immediately next to that.  Across the other side of the room was the promised king size bed, complete with it's own mini-bar of course.  The bed was facing the left wall that contained a built in big screen TV and stereo, with all the bathroom etc down a further passage to the right.  Beyond the bed was a large glass sliding door with a view over the balcony and down the coastline, it was brilliant.
"I am so getting me some of that spa!" I said.
"Well you can if you want," replied Kathy, "but you could come down to the pool with me.  I'll just get changed."
She disappeared down the to the bathroom and re-emerged about two minutes later in a yellow bikini.  My jaw just about hit the floor.  Every muscle, every cut in her chiseled body was being shown off by this fantasic piece of swimwear.
"Damn!" I exclaimed, "You look hot!"
"Thought you might like it." she grinned her cheeky grin.  "It'll help get rid of these darn tan lines, sports bras are bad for that."
"You should jog in that from now on."
"Yeah could be a bit awkward with these." she laughed, cupping her breasts.  "And remember I don't jog, I run."
She wrapped a see-through pink sarong around herself and we headed down to the pool.  It was just as impressive as the rest of the place, at the bottom of the stairs you went through some glass doors and there was a bar with every concievable cocktail available.  Beyond the bar some more large glass doors opened out onto the large pool.  As we had arrived at midday the place was full of hotel guests and as we walked out to the edge of the pool we could see that the whole pool area overlooked the ocean.  It was a stunning sight, but evidently not as stunning as Kathy as she hung her sarong over the back of a chair and sat on the edge of the pool, feet in the water.  A group of teenage boys over the far side of the pool were obviously checking her out, and as I slid into the water I did I bit of it myself.  Every tiny movement she made made muscles ripple under her skin, there was not an ounce of fat on her anywhere, she was in such fantastic shape.
"I'm gonna go get a drink.  Want one?" she asked.
"Don't mind if I do."  I replied.
I watched her walk all the way to the bar, then all the way back.  I could watch her walk in that bikini all day.  When she returned I got out of the pool and collected my drink from her.
"Want to sit down?" I asked her.
"Lets go down this end." she said.
At one end of the pool there was a section, joined to the main pool but shallower with sort of a table built into it so you could sit in the water and nurse your drink, we both sat down and I looked around.  Not much could top this.  I sat in the sun, next to this gorgeous girl while looking out over the ocean and drinking a cocktail.  Life was perfect.
I looked over at Kathy.  The water level was just level with her breasts and every time she took a drink my eyes were drawn to her bent arm and her slightly flexed bicep just swelling under her skin.
"I have to warn you I'm a cheap drunk." she giggled.  "This is my first since the end of last season."
"Not a big drinker then?"
"Not at all.  But this is a weekend for being a bit naughty."  There was that cheeky grin again.
After a few more minutes she went into the bar to get another round, she was gone a while so I went in to see where she was.  One of the boys from the group of teenagers was next to her.  I walked up behind him just in time to hear him say,
"So, uh... do you work out or what?"
Poor kid was clearly as nervous as hell and I just stepped around him and put my hand on Kathy's shoulder.
"Yeah she does actually, what tipped you off?"  I said.
"Oh... shit man sorry.  I wasn't... I mean I didn't really.  Yeah sorry."  he mumbled, and hastily retreated to the relative safety of his group, who had been watching the whole thing.
We got our drinks and went back to the pool.  The poor kid was copping it relentlessly from his mates.
"Shot down dickhead!" said one.
Another said, "Like I told you.  If she has a better six pack than you, you haven't got a chance."
"Yeah maybe put your shirt on next time before you go over." said another.
"She'd still see his face." said the first one.
"Yep!  Hot stuff!"  Kathy said to me, acting a smug expression.
"No kidding."  I said, kissing her on the cheek.  
We sat in and around the pool for the rest of the afternoon, just enjoying doing nothing.  I thought about all those suckers back at work, and how if it had not been for one drunken night I would never have been out that saturday morning to see her running.  If not for that one moment of courage and some quickish thinking I never would have spoken to her, and never have known what I had missed.  I had never envisioned that things might go this far though and one thing sat gnawing at the back of my mind.  I had gotten her talking and subsequently got invited to that first workout on the story that I was studying at uni, when in actual fact I was doing nothing of the sort.  Sooner or later this was going to come up and I wasn't sure how she would react.  I had lied to her from the very beginning and I now had found myself caring about her very much.  I would have to deal with that but right now I was too busy dealing with another cocktail Kathy was putting into my hand.
As the sun went down over the ocean Kathy was just staring at it.
"You know sunsets are great when you're running.  They can just take you away from it all and make you feel so good.  But they are even better sat here with you, I wouldn't be anywhere else right now." she looked directly into my eyes.
I put my hand behind her neck and kissed her.  Then I put my other hand on her waist under the water and pulled her to me and kissed her harder.  I think we both pulled back at the same time as we realised there were still people around and if we didn't stop now pretty soon we'd be making a pretty big scene.  I changed the subject,
"So what's the plan for tonight?" I asked, not taking my eyes from her for a second.
"Well I've reserved us a table for dinner. "she replied, "Then they close off the pool and they turn the whole bar area inside into a night club.  DJs and everything."
"Nice." I said. "It's gonna be an awesome night."
"That's only the beginning." she poked me in the ribs.
As the last traces of the sun began to disappear from the horizon we made our way upstairs.  Being the male I was changed and ready for dinner while she was still considering the implications of every piece of clothing yet invented.
"Why don't you just head down to the bar?" she called from the bathroom.
"I can wait for you." I called back.
"Trust me you can't I've got a hair situation.  Just meet me down there."
Sep 21, 2009 - context
Geez, I'll bet that for every one that quits, there's two more waiting to take their place ;D
Sep 21, 2009 - context
she didn't quit? well that's a relief seeing cindy phillips had gone, one of the fbb world future idol had left but it's fortunate britt didnt follow her, couldn't afford losing fbb beauties
Sep 20, 2009 - context
Geez, wertol, keep it up and you'll be out of something to do :D
Sep 20, 2009 - context
Once got asked to dance by a beautiful Hispanic lady, prolly in her mid 40s, who had calves so big, I couldn't keep from staring at them. They looked the size and shape of softballs, prolly a good 16 inches around. It looked like she might have grown up walking around on her toes, to get them so developed. I'd say if I hadn't been so polluted at the time, I would have danced with her ;D
Sep 19, 2009 - context
yeah i'm pretty tall and played football so i have big thighs, but there is this girl who works at my gym who has the most solid calves i've ever seen.

when you look at the back of her legs, you can see how much they curve and then taper back down to her lower leg with a great shape and as she walks, you can see a well defined split in her calf.

from the front, you can see them bulging from the side of her shins.

she once mentioned something about training for a show (that's when she showed me some calf poses, i'm not creepily checking her out lol), but her real sport is running. she asks me to go running with her from time to time, but i would never be able to keep up, lol. cycling is more my thing anyway.

for what it's worth, her calves are probably bigger than my calves, and certainly my arms lol
Sep 19, 2009 - context
Sep 18, 2009 - context
It's a bit unlikely.  My thighs are about 25".
Sep 15, 2009 - context
no problem, I was just wondering what the deal was .....
Sep 15, 2009 - context
It's actually a bug, and it shows that for each poll that's still waiting to be approved. I need to fix it and/or approve all the polls.

Sorry, been busy with real life lately...
Sep 15, 2009 - context
Maybe so many people voted, they're still busy counting the results ;D
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