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Tags: bodybuilder, body comparison, quads
Score: 66
6 days ago

World class muscle here. Two of the biggest and baddest ever.

6 days ago

Two lovely mass monsters

6 days ago

Welcome to cologne! Big strong and sexy girls now in town! Hope to see you tommorow!

6 days ago

God I couldn't even imagine both of them at once. I'd probably melt!!

6 days ago

Phenomenal Amazon's! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤💖

6 days ago

FIBO 2018 is a little more like an old school FBB event. The older ones had them all. This at least has the whole Wings of Strength team.

5 days ago

This is the only woman in the world Jacquline can stand next to and NOT look huge!

5 days ago

They are so huge and sexy! How about a wrestling match 2 against 1?

3 days ago

Jacquline is GOOD !!!!!!!
But the RUSSIAN WINS AGAIN !!!!!!!

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