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Tags: biceps, chest, delts/shoulders, traps, veins, working out
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Apr 23, 2011


ccpony how you know hebrew

she is fucking buety

i think iraq

Apr 24, 2011

ãðä ùîù

Apr 24, 2011

aaa y

i have seen her in ramat gan

she is very preety

Apr 24, 2011

iltw77 - you know, i never saw in real a muscular girl like her, except one time for 3 seconds in the train station. if i will see i don't know if i can handle it. btw, check the israelis girls with muscles forum on hydepark, i posted a new thread

Apr 24, 2011

she isnt so huge...

i saw a very huge musculer in PIZUZIA

all the man where in shock

i was in shock too

she was a brunnet

like a beralizn

Apr 24, 2011

you know what's her name?? where is that pizuzia?

Apr 24, 2011


she buy somthing and she left

her hand fore arm was bulky and with venice

Apr 24, 2011

My god... I probably will left to other country where there are many fbb like California. Btw what you doing so late awake?

Apr 24, 2011

aaa its hard to sleep in pesach

and saturday

in israel we have a very nice women

but not muscular , and they have tits

the girl from the pizuzia i saw her a minute

not along time

in the last year i like women with huge calves and huge quads

Oct 22, 2011


אתה קורא עיברית?

אגב ראיתי את דנה במציאות היא מאוד יפה!

Oct 22, 2011

אתה מישראל?

Oct 25, 2011


in israel the women are beuty ( bar rafeli)

and with huge tits

but its very unusally to find them muscles

Oct 29, 2011

ccpony my english isnt so good but i will try

is in usa there is a lot of women with muscles?

in the gym?

ccpony you can see in the net series name "shalosh" - about tree women

they very butyful

and you can see moran atiaas , she is very buety

Dec 28, 2012

Well, there should be some muscular women in Israel as Dana is a professional fitness trainer.

Jan 04, 2013

אחי אתה מכיר מתאבקות בני יורק שמומלצות¿¿?

Jan 15, 2014

Very cute. Her web site is in the Hebrew alphabet. Does she speak English?

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