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Tags: biceps, delts/shoulders, forearms, triceps
Score: 66
Feb 04, 2017

Luscious young lady.

Feb 08, 2017 - edited Feb 09, 2017

Her arms look awesome here.. so cute. Just so big for her age.. but that look. those eyes. sigh.. so orgasmic

ORC: 8
OIR: 3

Feb 09, 2017

Like a china doll that's incredibly jackked

Feb 09, 2017

Damn that's a great pic. And I have to agree with you, Kristi. Those eyes!

Feb 09, 2017

I know I really got carried away with her this afternoon. Just one of those moments. Her arms here, wow. But that look.. her eyes, just.. so cool.

Feb 09, 2017

Easy to get carried away with her. And damn she's getting big!

Feb 09, 2017

No one can fault you for getting carried away over Julia.

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