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Tags: biceps, bodybuilder, calves, delts/shoulders, forearms, glutes/butt, hamstrings, lats, overall physique, quads, triceps, veins
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Jun 17, 2016

O. Wow!

Jun 18, 2016 - edited Jan 04, 2018
Deleted by jiggy
Jun 18, 2016

The one that got away!!!

Jun 18, 2016

love her sexy muscles....

Jun 18, 2016


Jun 18, 2016

So massive!!

Jun 24, 2016


Jun 25, 2016


Aug 24, 2016

A superhuman physique

Jan 01, 2017

One of the sexiest photos I've ever set eyes on.

May 18, 2017


May 19, 2017

I think she could crush a gorilla in a bear hug. Big muscular arms!

May 19, 2017

That's a WOW from me.

May 19, 2017

Total muscle babe in a very hot pose displaying her full muscular physique!!!

Jan 03, 2018

Great pose. Her huge arms are ready to destroy anybody.

Jan 03, 2018

I have to admit.. her leg here is just fascinating.

Jan 03, 2018

yes, she has some mighty "lergs!"

Apr 07, 2018

Some fab muscle separation on every inch of her body on display here..💪

Jul 22, 2018

Good looking contest pic. Usually not a fan.

Jul 22, 2018

Very sexy look...

Jul 22, 2018

One of my very first female bodybuilder I've ever seen. Before her I've seen many fitness athletes in TV. But she was the very first FBB and definitely the biggest woman I've ever seen then.

Jul 22, 2018

Love her

Feb 15, 2019

Mind blowing genetics taken to the max. Amazing.

Apr 12, 2019

She's SO sexy!!

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