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Tags: body comparison, glutes/butt
Score: 84
Feb 14, 2014


Feb 14, 2014

I like this pic because you can truly see how a lady can sculpt and create her booty by hitting the gym hard. On the right is the before pic. On the left is what she created with squats and lunges

Feb 15, 2014

But I ask you this? Is it possible that her butt is fake? She has a small frame and hips, hard to believe she could work out and make it look like that. I once saw a girl that had butt implants and it looked exactly like the above photo. Food for thought.

Apr 14, 2014

The best use for an iPhone 5c as far as I can tell

May 03, 2014

Big butt thumbs down. Perfer the pic on the right!

Jul 05, 2014

It's like this. Certain muscles respond better than others in people. Just like some people have well developed biceps but smaller delts. Her glutes obviously responded well to her training and grew accordingly.

Jul 06, 2014

Yes her big round glutes obviously responded very well! U got me there!

Jan 04, 2017

This is amazing, and it is quite a testament to the effect of hard work.

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