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Tags: abs, biceps, body comparison, delts/shoulders, forearms
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Oct 15, 2015


Oct 15, 2015


Oct 23, 2015

While BB could easily crush me in a bearhug I think the big guy next to her could crush three men my size in his arms. Dude is massive !

Oct 23, 2015

B.B always amazing!! Dexter"The Blade"Jackson- Mr.Olympia ..

Oct 24, 2015

He must be fairly short though

Dec 02, 2015

A little shorter than me but 5 times as strong

Apr 30, 2020

very motivating - stars made in USA

Jun 20, 2020

He must be standing on a box or something. Her listed height is 5'11 and his is 5'6. Even so he still weighs way more than her though.

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