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Tags: biceps, gymnast, quads, teen
Score: 32
Jul 30, 2015

OMG I'm loving her muscles.. wow, she rocks.

Jul 31, 2015

Teenage, 4'11" gymnast that does not weight train!

Aug 01, 2015

are u kidding mme? OMG

Aug 03, 2015

Gymnasts get their musuclature from the gymastics moves they do. Did u ever see Mary Lou Retton's calves?? WHAT a complete turn on! She got such strong legs from gymnastics. Jaja is very muscular.

Aug 03, 2015

Yes I have been shown some pics of Mary Lou when she was in the Olympics and even afterwards, she had amazing legs.

Aug 03, 2015

I saw her compete. I must have rewound the tape several times. Yes, back then VHS was all the rave.

Aug 03, 2015

LOL.. it did the job I guess?!

Aug 03, 2015

I still think VHS is superior in many ways to CDs. CDs degrade much faster so you cannot record on them forever. VHS, well they can be recorded on for years.

CDs or DVDs

Aug 03, 2015

The job? Yes I will never forget those calves. I can pick them out of a lineup. WOW I better go before I really say something dumb. :D

Aug 03, 2015

LOL.. like I don't all the time.

Aug 07, 2015

You are witty so no, you usually don't. :)

Aug 08, 2015

yea maybe.. ha.

Aug 09, 2015 - edited Aug 09, 2015 by biffer

8.47??? Anyone notice the split peak??? The rest of her is spectacular. 8.47 is an unjust rating.

I think I have expressed the facts well and eloquently. LET's rate her fairly.

Aug 10, 2015

I wish there were more pics of her so we cold evaluate her more. She is one of the most muscular gymnast I've ever seen.

Aug 27, 2016

well..that bicep is popping out unlike that of any other gymnast

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