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Tags: overall physique
Score: 35
Nov 11, 2014

I want to test my strength against this powerhouse. I know I would lose but I wonder how long I could hold her off ?How long could I withstand a bearhug in those arms? How long between those massive thighs before I submit ?

Nov 12, 2014

greatest fbb of all time

Dec 02, 2014

@omar- probably mere seconds as she is very, very strong!

Dec 02, 2014

Imagine Colette versus Virginia Sanchez Macias. An epic battle!

Dec 02, 2014

Tarne, I am guessing I would last 20 seconds in her arms and 10 seconds between her thighs before I starting begging for mercy.

Dec 21, 2014


Feb 23, 2015

Would love to meet her!

Feb 23, 2015

There is my dream girl, I would love to be in a scenario where I see her like this, she invites me over and that just begins a lifetime of us together, me worshiping her muscles night and day.

Apr 29, 2015

So would I!

Jan 17, 2017

..The size of them CALVES!!!😲

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