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Tags: biceps, casual, delts/shoulders, overall physique, quads
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Jun 06, 2014

apparently her muscles are powered by electricity

Jun 08, 2014

The truck is powered by electricity, but she is powered by pure rock-hard MUSCLE!!

Oh yeah, just noticed the wire the seems to connect her to the truck hahahaha!

Jun 09, 2014

She's very strong and seems to readily wrestle and beat girls and guys much bigger than her.

Jun 23, 2014

Have you seen VeVe in her latest leather outfit folks? -


I think my tongue would be hanging out and I'd be a gibbering wreck!

Sep 26, 2014

American VeVe Lane will be wrestling the MUCH bigger and stronger German Anna Konda in October.

Here are the rules of this match per Anna: "a match is 5 rounds always. a round never end with a pin only. a round ends when one give up because she cant breath or something is going to break or whatever make her giving up. if someone scream and tap the round is over. so there must be a tap or a "i give up" to finish a round. it´s allowed that the winner dominate the loser after a lost round and at the end of the match."

I think it will be a competitive match even though VeVe is so much smaller. But it's because she is so strong and such a fierce competitor, that this will be a dangerous match for her. I think VeVe is the greatest female wrestler of this generation; she's over-powered many larger opponents. But I think Anna Konda will dominate VeVe.

Sep 26, 2014 - edited Oct 18, 2014

Anna Konda has very little in the way of wrestling ability. She will try to swamp VeVe with her blubber but VeVe will be too nimble and too skilful for her. I'll take VeVe to choke and arm bar her several times. I mean look at VeVe's biceps in this picture - those arms clasped around Anna's neck will have her passing out in seconds.

Oct 18, 2014

Have you seen the match LGF55? If not I can tell you that VeVe was awesome! All credit to Anna for taking the match on but VeVe had far too much for her taking every round with armbars and chokes, and she looked gorgeously ripped.

Aug 02, 2015

her legs are gorgeous but comparatively to many women may be not as strong. she is incredibly skilled and those arms are unbeatable!

Sep 12, 2015

The thought of a small woman like her having stronger arms than me is a turn-on. Her arms do look really powerful here.

Jun 22, 2016

Fetish dreams right here!!!

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