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Tags: body comparison, delts/shoulders, forearms, triceps
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Aug 05, 2014

Two beautiful women, whoever they are, the blonde on the right especially.

Aug 05, 2014

Looks like Elena on the right. Beautiful photo!!

Aug 05, 2014
Deleted by [deleted]
Aug 05, 2014


Aug 05, 2014

The left is Amanda Dunbar, the right Elena Seiple.

That´s how they look when they stop taking massiv amounts of roids.

Two beautiful muscular Fbbs, way hotter than any roided contest look Fbb.

Aug 05, 2014

They both look great, and they both still look pretty big to me.

Aug 05, 2014

it is what it is... deal with it.

Aug 06, 2014


Aug 06, 2014

You have to deal with my statement if you comment on it...

Aug 08, 2014

Elena looked much better when she was BIG!!!

Dec 09, 2014

wow, how do I get invited to this party ?

Dec 09, 2014

all I can say is ÖMG"

Dec 09, 2014

Elena always has that "down-to-earth" look in the face COMBINED with a hot look in the face.

Dec 09, 2014

great shot of them again

Dec 09, 2014

quite the tag team

Feb 16, 2015

Both are Hottt+!

Feb 19, 2016


Jun 02, 2017

Both would be perfect for a pretty nice headlock! And I would like to be their first victim!

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