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Tags: abs, figure/fitness, glutes/butt, quads
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Aug 04, 2014

IMO when you work hard to accomplish this keep the ink off of it!

Aug 04, 2014

at least if it was a work of art, but the tribal tattooes are plain stupid

Aug 04, 2014

I commented on one of her other pics, I def approve of tattoos and love the work she did to her body(gym wise). But she is a tribal disaster.

Aug 04, 2014

Sorry to say, but the inkt does not help on muscle!! They spoille the light on your muscle. It's like a shirt on your muscle! It does not good to it!!!

Aug 04, 2014

You're not the boss of her!

Aug 04, 2014


Aug 07, 2014

Just a fact, nothing els.

Jul 21, 2018 - edited Nov 05, 2019
Deleted by jiggy
Jul 21, 2018 - edited Jul 21, 2018

Learning the difference between opinion & fact might be a good start....😏 For example, it's a fact that you offered your opinion!

Nov 05, 2019

Too much! (both)

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