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Tags: body comparison, chest, overall physique
Score: 27
Jun 19, 2015

What a lineup!

Mar 23, 2017

2nd from left I remember but don't recall her name. I remember she really had some sixe off-season but would lose a lot when she cut up for contests. Lora was the best of this bunch though maybe not her best shape here and maybe not showing it in that position.

Jan 11, 2020

This should be the line waiting outside my house every day !! The two females in back with black and blue really stand out .

Apr 04, 2020

Lots of sexy muscles and bare feet

Aug 14, 2020 - edited Oct 07, 2020

I really hope someone can start naming all these buff broads

Aug 14, 2020

Lora Ottenad...

Oct 07, 2020

nice red bikini

Oct 07, 2020

Lora is my favorite!!

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