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Tags: calves, figure/fitness, quads
Score: 70
Feb 20, 2014

She is def rising to the top of my favs list ...just stunning!!

Feb 21, 2014

She is PERFECTION in every way.

Mar 02, 2014
Deleted by biffer
Jul 06, 2014 - edited Oct 20, 2014

awesome shot.. cute shoes too. Shes very pretty here.. and nice legs. orgasmic.

ORC: 3

Jul 06, 2014

Those legs are just so beautiful ... and her outfit and her pretty face and that long hair flowing down her back like a waterfall.

Jul 06, 2014

Yeah ML rocks, and as soon as I saw this one I knew K would comment on the shoes! IM indeed K!

Well said w, well said indeed!

Oct 20, 2014


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