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Tags: biceps, bodybuilder, chest, delts/shoulders, forearms, lats, quads
Score: 54
Feb 05, 2014

7.38 after 8 votes? WTF? Why the Criminally low score?

Feb 05, 2014

Gorgeous, huge arms. Very impressive and, I'd imagine, very powerful.

Feb 05, 2014

10 in my book everyday

Feb 05, 2014

Yes a 10.

Feb 05, 2014

I likes me a TAKE CHARGE kinda woman!

Jun 11, 2014

HolyCrapMarie! Elena is one seriously dangerous looking young woman, it'll be a while before I get home, this requires a very close encounter of the best kind!


Sep 10, 2014

Elegant muscle diva

Aug 26, 2019

Dressed to kill!!

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