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Tags: abs, biceps, classic, delts/shoulders, quads
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Feb 01, 2014

one of the best - those were the days when these ladies looked so natural then worked out nothing wrong todays ladies here but that's the era I am from - I had a autographed picture from her can't find it now - darn it - wonder what she looks like now

Feb 02, 2014

I still have this copy of WASP floating around in a box as well as most of the rest of the issues. Your correct Mr.W...these women held a different appeal from the ladies today. Can't say better or worse, just different.

Feb 02, 2014

Classic, beautiful pioneer!

Feb 02, 2014

I wish I had all those old WASP & old videos it would be one heck of a library - I am stupid

Feb 02, 2014 - edited Feb 03, 2014

I have a few of those (20-30). Would like to turn them in to DVDs and they would be easy to dupe and store. It's a project for later this year. It was also cool when there used to be specials on ESPN. The good ole days! Unfortunately, I missed Generation Iron, last most recent major BB flick when it was in the theatres so am waiting for it to someday it hopefully to come out on DVD.

Feb 14, 2014

Agree with all the comments on this lady. The pioneers like Georgia had to take a lot of squeamish looks from folks, especially other women, but luckily they prevailed and started a fantastic new trend that is now popular with women young and old. I love seeing young girls flexing their new muscles proudly and really enjoy mature women with muscles that even many young men envy.

Feb 14, 2014

Tall and lean. So tall her arms didn't look all that big--till she flexed and you could see all that incredibly defined muscle!

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