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Tags: overall physique, quads, teen
Score: 45
Jan 06, 2014

Her legs are just fantastic ! Thick quads and up on her tippy toes is a real turn on for me !

Jan 09, 2014

Yes, those calf raise pics do it for me too - and Vanessa does them very well!

Jan 09, 2014


Jan 30, 2014

Her legs are just as beautiful and strong as the rest of her.

May 03, 2014

Up on her toes, gotta love it, great leafs and pretty feet, and oh those delicious toes...toes, my favorite spot to start exploring, the endless journey

May 03, 2014

Yes her toes are to die for !

Mar 05, 2015

Awesome picture too!

Feb 05, 2016 - edited Feb 05, 2016

Early pic of Vanessa, but she already had fabulous legs!!!

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