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Tags: biceps, body comparison, casual, delts/shoulders
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Jun 08, 2013

Monique clearly puts things into perspective!

Jun 08, 2013

Somehow I don't think the "2nd L" was necessary above. :) wow.

Jun 08, 2013

her arm is an 11 lol

Jun 09, 2013

what an arm

Jun 09, 2013

That's just amazing! What a body on that girl!!!

Sep 03, 2013

mo is just so big and muscular.told me on webcam they are approaching 18 inches. huge for her height. looks awesome.

Sep 05, 2013

Would love to see her on webcam.

Mar 02, 2016

She is on webcam at MGL

Feb 27, 2020

Class reunion?

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