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Tags: biceps, chest, figure/fitness, overall physique, triceps
Score: 98
Mar 27, 2010

i want her for my bday. she is fine

Nov 12, 2011


Nov 12, 2011

What a fabulous woman! Beautiful, sexy and fully feminine.

Nov 12, 2011

I love this photo of Jamie. What a great package.

Nov 19, 2011

She is the total package. Amazing body, beautiful face, and from what I've heard she's a really nice person too. Couldn't ask for more

Feb 10, 2012

She improves the lake-view by 100%. :-)

Feb 10, 2012

Simply amazing every time I see her :)

Feb 09, 2013 - edited Feb 09, 2013

Whoever said that Jamie was looking old and on the wain (except he was less polite than that) in a comment on a pic next to one of the up and coming fitness girls should take a look at this shot. Her face is obviously a little more mature but that body is still right up there. Long live Queen Jamie!

Feb 09, 2013

From her beginning to now I've never seen her look bad. Always a fav. of mine!

Apr 15, 2017


Jun 13, 2018

Jamie on the rocks...looks good!!!

Jun 13, 2018

One of the legends, right here

Jun 13, 2018

she is cute

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