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Tags: abs, biceps, chest, delts/shoulders, figure/fitness, forearms
Score: 100
Oct 19, 2012

Those arms look big!!

Oct 20, 2012

That's because they are. Just thick, solid muscle. Those obliques are looking mighty fine, too.

Nov 21, 2012
Deleted by jiggy
Nov 26, 2012


Jan 05, 2013

Wow Susanna, this is a breathtaking sight... :)

Jan 05, 2013

She works hard to look this good.

Jan 15, 2013

i think she even amazes herself, nice

Feb 07, 2013

Where is it possible to meet hotties like Susanna.

Feb 07, 2013

Where can you meet hotties like Susanna? In a gym...

Nov 05, 2013

I would love to eat my dinner off her abs and then have her for dessert!!!

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